Vail Valley ice cream lady celebrates 10 years |

Vail Valley ice cream lady celebrates 10 years

Lauren Glendenning
Vail, CO Colorado
Dominique Taylor/Vail DailyVail Valley ice cream truck owner Carrie Zovluck, left, serves up ice cream to Taylor Staughton, 11, after his soccer tryouts Wednesday at the Eagle-Vail soccer fields.

VAIL VALLEY, Colorado – Almost 10 years ago to the day, Carrie Zovluck overhead some guys in an Edwards bar talking about wanting to sell an ice cream truck – within a couple of hours, the truck was hers.

She had no idea she’d become known as the “ice cream truck lady” soon after, or that 10 years later she’d still be driving her truck around the valley, selling ice cream to happy customers.

“I bought the truck, and it’s been the best thing ever since,” Zovluck said.

Zovluck, who had two elementary school-aged children at the time she bought the truck, couldn’t wait to show her children the new vehicle that would be parked outside. She had named it “Sweet Serendipity.”

Kelsey Foster, Zovluck’s daughter who is now 19, said her mother dropped her and her brother off in front of this ice cream truck and said it was theirs.

“I was so excited the first two summers we had it,” Foster said.

Zovluck said she entered into the new business partially because she secretly always wanted an ice cream truck, but mostly out of necessity.

“I had a 40-hour a week job for $12 an hour, and I had two kids,” Zovluck said. “So I bought the truck.”

The truck, which required no fixing up when she bought it, has brought her a lot more than a higher income. She said there’s independence because she makes her own schedule, and there’s nothing quite like the joyous looks on her customers’ faces.

“I don’t have a boss; I don’t have a schedule,” Zovluck said. “It’s a service – it’s cheap and it’s cheerful.”

Cheer is what Zovluck brings to the business, said longtime friend Carrie Kirkutis, who works at the Stone Creek Charter School.

“She has such a great personality,” Kirkutis said. “She just fits it – I couldn’t imagine anyone else doing it.”

Kirkutis said she’s seen Zovluck’s charm with children through both the Stone Creek Charter School and with her own children. The school hired Sweet Serendipity to come to its annual Field Day this year, which is next Wednesday.

“That (ice cream truck) will be the highlight of their day,” Kirkutis said. “The kids love it – it’s the most exciting thing to see the ice cream truck come by.”

Zovluck has become business savvy since her purchase 10 years ago. She has learned how to market herself and the truck to bring in more business, and she’s learned about her expenses versus her bottom line.

“I make it what I need to suit my life,” Zovluck said.

Foster has been impressed with her mother’s efforts over the years. She said she’s grown the business and has made it really successful.

“Considering my mom has never been to business school, she’s a pretty good business woman,” Foster said.

Zovluck said she tries to keep her prices pretty low. You can buy almost anything on the truck for around $2 – an amount she said is fair.

“Two dollars will get you anything,” Zovluck said.

It seems like ages ago when Zovluck got a $6,000 business loan for First Bank, she said. It’s one of the best decisions she’s ever made.

“It’s fun and it’s ice cream,” Zovluck said. “Who doesn’t like ice cream?”

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