Vail Valley kids: Bailee deals with parents’ divorce |

Vail Valley kids: Bailee deals with parents’ divorce

AnDee and Athena HeathVail Valley, CO Colorado

VAIL, Colorado -Bailee is a 10-year-old girl living in Gypsum. Her issue: “I’m having a problem finding girlfriends to play with in or near where I live. During the school year, I have lots of friends to play with.” Her brother, who is four years younger, “doesn’t have this problem because there are several boys here he plays with.” She’s a bit envious.Bailee’s other problem: “My parents are going through a divorce.” She’s an intelligent and busy-minded girl, 10 going on 25, who escapes by reading. “I enjoy being the princess” or becoming other characters she relates to, she said.The divorce is a notable hardship for this young lady, “I’m caught in the middle” of Dad vs. Mom. “I can’t wait for the divorce to be over.” And: “I love both my parents.””I like to escape into video games. It gives me sanctuary and control over my life.” She’s chosen video games that allow her to “grow things.” Bailee is an obvious nurturer and caregiver. After talking with this lovely girl, our suggestion for those kids having the same (or almost the same) problem is to check out these video game titles: “Webkins” or “Poptropica.” And try out the book “The Great Ghost Rescue,” by Eva Ibbatson, and a wonderful book written by Margaret Petersen Haddix entitled “The Place of Mirrors” if you’re looking for adventure and escape through the summer months.Also, be honest with your parents and let them know how you are feeling. If you feel you can’t talk to them and are having problems, no matter what they might be, please write us and we’ll try to help out:AnDee & AthenaP O Box 3540Eagle, CO 81631E-mail: andeeheath@live.comYou’ll never be found out unless you’d like your parents to read your story, because we will change your name to protect you; just let us know. Please include your age, (age doesn’t matter) and city.Also, if you have any suggestions for video games or book titles that you’ve enjoyed, please let us know and we’ll check them out and may put them in a future column. Please note that if you’d like to help out other kids by sharing your story, we’d love hearing from you.AnDee Heath and her daughter Athena live in Eagle County. AnDee has written a trilogy: “Custody,” “Beyond Custody” and “Custody Unleashed,” recently released. “Custody” is the story of fighting for custody of children who weren’t hers. She and Athena seek to help children with their everyday problems, understanding that parents aren’t always the ones to whom children will turn to and friends aren’t usually beneficial sources of healthy information. Athena’s latest book “Denouncing God … In fear of saving,” is scheduled for release this month.

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