Vail Valley kids: Kids cope with hard times |

Vail Valley kids: Kids cope with hard times

AnDee and Athena
Vail, CO Colorado

VAIL VALLEY, Colorado – Charley, a 9-year-old boy from Eagle in Colorado’s Vail Valley, wrote to us regarding, “My sister and I don’t get to do the things we used to do because of hard times.”

Charley’s dad was recently laid off and his mother’s working hours were cut in half. The family’s Friday night movie outing has been canceled four weeks in a row.

It seems Charley and his 11-year-old sister, Meagan, are just as concerned about bills as their parents are. They put themselves to work and built a lemonade stand.

On the weekends, they prop up their homemade business and proudly get to work. These entrepreneurs announce to each and every person who comes their way, “Lemonade for 25 cents.” Charley says that sometimes they are happily surprised and “even get a $1a cup.”

Each time the kids make $ they excitedly take it inside to their parents. Having made somewhere in the neighborhood of $30 during their time in business, last Friday their parents took them to movies.

“It really made me and Meagan feel like we helped out cause our parents had fun, too,” Charley says, Mom and dad also told them “how very proud they are of them.”

We also are proud of you and Meagan and Charley. You guys not only decided to help, but chose a fun remedy and made money, too.

Our suggestion would be for you and Meagan to let your parents know you would enjoy renting a movie it just as much, getting some microwave popcorn and having family Friday night movies at home, which would cost less than $10.

Also, there are free summer activities in Eagle County. The libraries have free movies and concerts throughout the week. Ask your parents to check the Vail Daily calendar for other free events around the community.

Be proud of yourselves and keep up the good work. These hard times won’t last forever but memories will.

AnDee Heath and her daughter Athena Marquez live in Eagle County. AnDee has written a trilogy: “Custody,” “Beyond Custody” and “Custody Unleashed,” recently released. “Custody” is the story of fighting for custody of children who weren’t hers. She and Athena seek to help children with their everyday problems, understanding that parents aren’t always the ones to whom children will turn to and friends aren’t usually beneficial sources of healthy information. Athena’s latest book “Denouncing God … In fear of saving,” is scheduled for release this month.

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