Vail Valley letter: Death penalty appropriate |

Vail Valley letter: Death penalty appropriate

David Le Vine
Vail, CO, Colorado

Well, the Colorado Senate agonized, argued and finally voted not to ban the death penalty. However, the truth is that the whole controversy was much ado about nothing since it is almost never recommended by a jury anyway. Regarding this latter fact, I say that’s too bad!

The recent news includes the story of Alan Andrade. This is a man who brutally took a woman’s life simply because she was a transgender. He had also been found guilty of six other felonies, and as a result of it all, was sentenced to serve life imprisonment, plus 60 years. This is a 32-year-old man who may well live in prison for 50 years and will cost we taxpayers more than $2.5 million! And I say for what purpose and who says that he deserves to live?

And then, too, we supposedly have a war on drugs. And yet we sentence big-time drug dealers and owners of meth labs to relatively short prison terms even though they have consciously chosen to defy the law and wreck the lives of their fellow citizens.

And here, too, I wonder — wouldn’t the death penalty be an appropriate punishment? And furthermore, wouldn’t its application be a deterrent to others who might otherwise consciously manufacture or sell drugs?

Sure, I have heard the arguments regarding the possibility of a wrong conviction, but there truly are open-and-shut cases. And the moral position against taking another’s life is hard to argue when which we just blithely killed about 100,000 ordinary citizens in Iraq. And so I happen to believe that in certain instances, the application of the death penalty is warranted. Furthermore it might also serve to deter those who would otherwise make a conscious decision that will wreck the lives of others.

David Le Vine

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