Vail Valley letter: Great show! |

Vail Valley letter: Great show!

Jenny Hejtmanek
Vail, CO, Colorado

Hats off to the Vail Performing Arts Academy’s performance of “Pirates of Penzance, Jr.”! I had the wonderful opportunity of watching 86 local kids perform in the outstanding Broadway Junior Collection show at the Vilar Performing Arts Center.

The production staff of Annah Scully, Colin Meiring, Sean Peck, Marsha Barry, Janet Huntoon, Deb Sutmer, Michael Cirkovic, Wolfgang Opel, Cindy Allard, Neal Keer, Ed Billeand, Molly Allard, and Cheryl Lindstrom did a superb job of training all of these young performers to sing and act so eloquently.

I was so impressed with the talent exhibited by all the cast members. Kris Thornton, who played “Major-Genera,l” was spectacular. The younger children especially captured my attention.

It was obvious to the audience that all the participants were having so much fun! I feel it is vitally important for young people to have the opportunity to be involved in the arts here in the Vail Valley.

Many of the parents of the young performers said that the older kids were such great mentors to the younger children. Many friendships were formed.

Wow, isn’t this what our community needs? As a community, let’s all continue to support the Vail Performing Arts Academy by buying tickets to the shows, be a sponsor, provide funding for a student scholarship or simply make a donation of any amount to ensure that the Eagle Valley youth have an opportunity to be exposed to the theatre arts in the Vail Valley.

Jenny Hejtmanek


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