Vail Valley: Longtime local barbers opening new shop Monday |

Vail Valley: Longtime local barbers opening new shop Monday

Scott N. Miller
Vail, CO, Colorado
Dominique Taylor/dtaylor@vaildaily.comBarbers Janice Cetera, right, and Jim Carlton, center, work with Rik Heid, from Heid Custom Builders, left, on putting together the final touches of their new barbers shop Thursday in Riverwalk. The couple aim to be open for business Monday.

EDWARDS ” Like a lot of Vail Valley residents, Janice Cetera and Jim Carlton found themselves without jobs recently. So, like a lot of people, they’ve decided to open their own business.

Carlton and Cetera ” life partners and longtime barbers in the valley ” are ready to open the Riverwalk Barbershop. From pink slip to opening day, the process took about six weeks. It’s also given them a new appreciation for their friends and neighbors.

“It’s just been a whirlwind,” Carlton said. “We haven’t had a minute to spare.”

As soon as the couple decided they wanted to stay in the valley and stay in the barber business, other locals came to their aid.

Cetera’s sister, Judith Evans, is a local real estate broker. She started showing Cetera and Carlton possible shop locations.

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“We knew we wanted to be in Edwards,” Cetera said. “We have so many of our customers there.”

Evans quickly found a storefront in Riverwalk, and helped negotiate a lease.

Old friend Rik Heid is in the construction business, and was able to make the barbershop a priority, once another friend, architect Steve Rider, drew up plans for the interior.

“They had to do everything in the space,” Cetera said. They’ve built walls, put in sinks, and it’s really gorgeous.

“It’s really a reminder of why we live here,” Cetera added. “There’s not a better place on the planet to live.”

Other friends stepped up, too, from drywallers to lawyers.

But even friends can’t work for free ” or even for free haircuts ” so Cetera and Carlton needed operating money, which means they needed a business loan. That took a little bit of luck.

“We refinanced our home last year, so we had all the paperwork for that,” Cetera said. “They wanted to know just everything.”

Between talking to bankers and doing a lot of work on the new shop themselves, Cetera and Carlton needed to keep a little cash coming in, so they kept cutting hair.

For the past few weeks, though, they’ve been on the road, trimming up longtime clients in their homes.

Then, when time was tightest, Cetera crashed her car in Glenwood Canyon the other day. She’s all right, but the car’s a total loss.

Still, the shop’s set to open on Monday.

“It’s been fun and exciting the last few weeks, but it’s going to be nice to get back to cutting hair full-time again,” Carlton said.

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