Vail Valley: Man grabs knife after fight, police say |

Vail Valley: Man grabs knife after fight, police say

Eagle Valley Enterprise
Vail, CO Colorado

VAIL VALLEY, Colorado –Police were called on April 15 about two hours after a 22-year-old man walked into an Edwards restaurant and saw his ex-girlfriend eating dinner with her new boyfriend and another female friend.

The women told police that the man sat by the bar for five minutes, looked in their direction and left. Then he started sending text messages to his ex-girlfriend about how he wanted to kill her new boyfriend. He also tried calling both women but they ignored his calls.

The man’s ex-girlfriend told police he had broken up with her in January. She told him in early April that she had started seeing someone else and he began texting her that he wanted to kill the new boyfriend.

The trio of friends left the restaurant and were walking up the stairwell to their apartment when the ex-boyfriend jumped down from above. He tackled the new boyfriend and they wrestled on the ground for a few seconds until the victim pushed the attacker off. The attacker got up, walked over to the other side of the stairwell and picked up a six-inch knife he’d dropped during his assault. Then he ran down the stairs and left the building. A neighbor heard the commotion and called police.

Deputies went to the suspect’s home where his father lives. He wasn’t there and the father didn’t know anything at the time. The father later called police to tell them he’d spoken with his son. He said his son told him he had been in a fight and was very upset. The suspect was at a friend’s house but wouldn’t say where and had also called his probation officer about the incident.

Police left a message for the probation officer and issued a warrant for the suspect’s arrest.

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