Vail Valley man’s social media post leads to jail time |

Vail Valley man’s social media post leads to jail time

Man asked for a ride on social media — local police were happy to oblige

Bryan Sohn

EAGLE — An Avon man will spend three years in the prison system, reconsidering how social he wants to be on social media.

This week District Court Judge Paul Dunkelman sentenced Bryan Sohn, 29, to three years in community corrections, a facility where you work during the day and check in at night, due to probation violations and possession of narcotics.

Citing Sohn’s colorful criminal history, Deputy District Attorney Johnny Lombardi asked for four years in state prison.

“This is five felony convictions and Mr. Sohn is only 29 years old,” Lombardi said.

Sohn’s criminal history started in Woodstock, Georgia. He brought his criminal tendencies with him when he migrated to Colorado, Lombardi said during Sohn’s sentencing hearing. In fact, Sohn was on probation in El Paso County when he picked up two more felonies, Lombardi said.

It shows a “lack of responsibility and finger-pointing blame on other people,” Lombardi said.

He was sentenced in 2017 in Eagle County, then committed the two more felonies in El Paso County, where he walked away from a halfway house.

“He is not learning his lesson,” Lombardi said.

Lombardi asked Judge Dunkelman to sentence Sohn to four years in state prison.

Found on Facebook 

You may recall Sohn, 29, posted on a local Facebook group’s page that he needed a ride. He had borrowed his roommate’s 24-year-old Volkswagen, which broke down on the Summit County side of Vail Pass.

Eagle County Sheriff’s Office staffers spotted Sohn’s post, did a quick check and found some felony arrest warrants. They told everyone else not to bother; they’d be happy to give Sohn a lift.

“Bryan, sit tight. Looks like a ride is on its way!” one commenter wisecracked on Sohn’s Facebook post.

Avon police actually gave Sohn a ride, but not quite the kind he requested.

Eagle County conundrum

Sohn’s Eagle County conundrum started Sept. 27, 2017, when he pleaded guilty to burglary, forgery and theft charges. Sohn had some probation to finish for that case, but apparently didn’t. The Eagle County Sheriff’s Office’s felony warrant was for Sohn’s failure to comply with the probationary part of his sentence.

It was January when the Colorado State Patrol towed the broken down green 1995 Volkswagen, which was the reason he posted to Facebook in the first place.

Avon Police followed the wrecker to Sohn’s apartment, where he gave them a false name as he was being questioned and arrested.

During this week’s sentencing hearing Sohn said drugs caused his criminal problems. He asked to be sent to community corrections where he could continue working as a cook, and not prison as Lombardi requested.

Judge Dunkelman saw things Sohn’s way, sentencing him to three years in community corrections, but cautioned that there would be no more chances. If he messes up he goes directly to state prison, Judge Dunkelman said.

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