Vail Valley: Music may be back at State Bridge next summer |

Vail Valley: Music may be back at State Bridge next summer

Vail Daily file photoVail Valley music: The Radiators were the first band to play at State Bridge Lodge when it reopened after the 2007 fire

VAIL VALLEY, Colorado – Doug Moog never went to a show at the old State Bridge Lodge outside of Vail, but he’s heard the stories.

He’d heard stories about it from locals he talked to, of course, and from his friends in the band Donna the Buffalo, which played State Bridge several years ago.

“When I went there, the magic of the place was immediately apparent,” Moog said. “It’s unusual. It’s tucked in next to the river, with the tracks and the hillside there. It’s both an attaction and a challenge.”

Moog is already in the live-music business, with an interest in a theater in Ohio, and, if the name sounds familiar to people of a certain age, he’s also the second cousin of Robert Moog, who invented the first synthesizer.

Doug Moog first heard about State Bridge while he was in the valley looking at residential property, but the land was under contract, so he didn’t go out. That contract fell through, though, and Moog’s broker, Bonnie Carroll, told him State Bridge was available again.

Moog looked, did his due diligence, and soon had the property under contract. And, after three years, listing broker Mike Devins had made a sale.

“I must have shown it 50 or 60 times over those three years,” Devins said.

Moog said he plans to keep the property as a live-music venue, but isn’t quite sure what the place will finally look like.

“My feeling is that any development needs to preserve the experience of the place,” Moog said. “I’m very aware of the vibe there. But there’s a possibility that development there may be pretty slow.”

Still, Moog said, he expects to have the approvals in place for at least a few concerts there next summer.

“There’s just so much expectation about it, we almost have to,” he said.

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The cabins at State Bridge Lodge are available for rent for campers and hunters. For more information, call 970-949-0229.

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