Vail Valley: New market opens in Cordillera |

Vail Valley: New market opens in Cordillera

Scott N. Miller
Vail, CO, Colorado
Dominique Taylor/dtaylor@vaildaily.comOwner Betsy Wilson, right and chef Bill Phillips, left, sit in the dining room of their soon-to-open Mountain Thyme Market Tuesday in Cordillera.

Betsy Wilson knows something about drawing crowds in the Vail Valley. She used to run the very popular crepe cart on Beaver Creek Plaza.

Wilson is now looking to draw crowds to a part of Cordillera not many people know about: The post office. As of Monday, Wilson will open the Mountain Thyme Market, and she hopes she can draw both Cordillera residents and people driving or biking up from Edwards.

The market will sell made-to-order crepes, of course. There will also be coffee and coffee drinks on hand, as well as a variety of cold drinks. There’s no table service, but there’s a good-sized handful of tables and chairs, as well as an outdoor patio. The market also has free wireless Internet service.

Chef Bill Phillips will prepare sandwiches and meals for the refrigerator case every day, and every day he’ll make one hot-lunch special. The market will also have a wine shop.

“I’m really looking forward to it,” said Shay Cahill, who works at the Cordillera post office. Cahill, who works the post office by herself, said she’ll be happy to have some company in the building.

“And I’m going to be really happy not to have bring my lunch every day,” she added.

Wilson said she hopes to draw a lunch crowd from both residents and people working at the resort.

“The guys driving around in the Cordillera trucks can’t leave to go to town,” Wilson said. “I hope we can get some of them in here.”

Wilson’s also going to have unique ice cream flavors available, and hopes that might draw families, or cyclists who want a sugar blast after riding uphill from the valley.

Phillips, who’s back in the chef profession after nearly 10 years away from the business, said the prepared food is going to focus on fresh, seasonal ingredients. There will be a lot of heart-healthy options, too, he said.

Wilson’s mother lives in Cordillera now, and the family used to spend a lot of time at the resort during her younger days. Over the past few years, she’s also sold real estate at Cordillera, so some of her former clients may end up as market customers.

With that experience, Wilson believes she has some insight on what it’s going to take to keep a market in business for more than a season at a time.

“I think maybe (previous operators) tried to do too much,” she said. “I want to keep it simple, do it really, really well, then go from there.”

Wilson believes she has a formula to turn Mountain Thyme into a meeting place for Cordillera residents. June Vanourek hopes so.

“A lot of us are excited about it,” Vanourek said. “It’s a wonderful place to have breakfast. I’m looking forward to being able to stop by and pick up something for dinner.

“It’s a great convenience, and a good meeting place.”

What: Mountain Thyme Market.

Where: Cordillera, in the post office building.

When does it open? May 25.

What they do: The market will have prepared food, including meals and sandwiches, as well as made-to-order crepes and a daily lunch special. The market will also have a wine shop.

Hours: 8:30 a.m. ” 4:30 p.m., Monday through Saturday.

To learn more: Call 970-926-5636.

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