Vail Valley nonprofit helps locals in need |

Vail Valley nonprofit helps locals in need

Karen Simon
Vail Valley Charitable Fund
Vail, CO Colorado

VAIL, Colorado “-The Vail Valley Charitable Fund’s mission is to provide assistance to individuals who live or work in Eagle County who are in a financial crisis due to a medical catastrophe, serious accident or long-term illness. Since its creation in 1996, the nonprofit organization has raised and distributed millions of dollars to more than 600 individuals and families in Eagle County.

“It’s incredible that there’s an organization in the valley that provides this kind of support,” said Tiffany Myers, a local wife and mother living with cancer and a Vail Valley Charitable Fund grant recipient. “Personally, because of the Vail Valley Charitable Fund, I rest easier at night knowing that the financial burden has been lessened.”

Even the most responsible working adult can quickly become financially disabled if they experience an accident, illness or medical catastrophe due to the high cost of living in our region, the scarcity of affordable health insurance and rising medical costs. These issues are amplified in the economic environment in which we are currently living ” families do their best to make ends meet until a crisis sends them over the edge.

The Vail Valley Charitable Fund helps individuals who might otherwise face financial ruin as medical debts spiral out of control. Through a comprehensive application process, the Vail Valley Charitable Fund awards direct-aid grants to people in need. Applications are reviewed and recipients are determined monthly by the board of directors. These one-time grants up to $5,000 may help an individual or family with medical or non-medical necessities. Applicants must be U.S. citizens or documented residents of the United States. They must also live or work full-time in Eagle County to qualify. Other factors considered in awarding grants include the severity of medical condition, financial need, length residence in Eagle County, participation in the community and personal attempts to address financial situation.

When an individual’s financial need exceeds our maximum grant, the Vail Valley Charitable Fund also partners, supports and assists with fundraising events for the benefit of specific individuals with the help of that person’s friends and colleagues. The funds that are raised are directed as a grant to the recipient. The Vail Valley Charitable Fund retains a small percentage of funds raised from a targeted fundraising event to offset the minimal administrative costs of the organization and to help fund grants to others in need.

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“From a community perspective, the Vail Valley Charitable Fund encourages generosity and gratitude, and those are characteristics that form the foundation of caring communities,” Myers said.

The Charitable Fund works closely with other safety net providers in an attempt to ensure that we are using our resources in the most efficient, effective way possible without duplicating services. We hope to ensure that the patients we are working with have an advocate and are able to navigate the complex health insurance and billing system they face when reconciling their mounting medical costs. This is the first time that many of our clients have ever had to face the web of ambulance, hospital, physician and therapy bills that accompany a serious accident or medical condition and we are here to help.

Though we cannot always eliminate debt, we can help negotiate discounts, set up payment plans and help pay down financial obligations to a level that is manageable. We strive to help our clients stay here in the valley, in their homes and recover financially and medically. The Charitable Fund helps create and maintain a strong, healthy and vibrant community where families can set down and strengthen roots, in good times and bad.

To get more information about a grant or fundraiser, or to donate, visit, e-mail or call 970-845-6339.

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