Vail Valley Partnership team is full of winners |

Vail Valley Partnership team is full of winners

Michael KurzVail, CO, Colorado

We all know that when great teams come together you can expect great things. When it happens, its always fun to be around and more fun to hear other people talk about it. Thats happening at the Vail Valley Partnership these days. So, Id like you to meet our team. These smart, dedicated, energetic and genuinely nice people make everything good happen around here and I want you know how proud I am of their accomplishments. The events, the conference and group sales, the Lodging Quality Assurance program, the Platinum Service Program, the Web sites, central reservations, guest services, partnership sales and service, benefits program management, development efforts, marketing and advertising services, financial management, operations and office management are all possible at this high professional level because of: Ann Eggers, Lodging Quality Assurance program inspector. Ann Forsyth, senior conference sales manager. Celine Ver Ploeg, office manager. Chris Romer, director of sales & marketing. Danielle McNair, group sales manager. Jessica Stevens, group sales coordinator. Kathy Lichtenheld, Lodging Quality Assurance program inspector. Kelly McDowell, partnership sales executive. Kristina Johnson, marketing manager. Marci Kurronen, senior conference sales manager. Mike Hardaker, guest services manager. Misty VanHeulen, Lodging Quality Assurance program manager. Rebecca Ruck, partnership sales executive. Ruth Carlson, events coordinator. Schelida Rodrigues, guest services agent. Scott McDonald, COO/CFO. Sue Froeschle, Lodging Quality Assurance program inspector. Suzanne Sloan, development director.I know these bon mots will embarrass some of our staff, and I beg the readers indulgence for this blatant act of gushy appreciation, but serving 800 members from Denver to Glenwood Springs and doing their best to bring guests to the valley seven days a week and turn every possible visitor into a brand missionary is no small task, yet this team does it with heart, smiles, great attitudes and a service level that would make any manager bust with pride every day they take the field. Those of you who work with these people know it. If you havent had the pleasure to meet them in person, take a moment to do so. Im sure youll be as impressed with them as I am and Im sure theyll be happy to make your acquaintance.The partnerships staff is a significant part of the good things that go on here in the valley. I thank them every day for what they do, but not nearly enough, or in pubic enough, ever. So, in print, for all posterity, I say, Thank you ladies and gentlemen. It is an honor and a privilege to work with you.Just a note: A colleague suggested a photo of the staff for this column. I thought it a good idea until I realized that getting them all in one place at one time hasnt happened since last years Awards Gala. So, if you see a car, bike or on-foot business person tearing through the valley talking on a cell phone, give them a little space, it could be one of the pros on the partnership team.Partners, the next chance to meet the staff and network with your fellow business pros is at the August after-hours business mixer, from 5-7 p.m., Aug. 20 at Millennium Bank in Edwards. We hope to see you there.Michael Kurz is President and CEO of the Vail Valley Partnership.

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