Vail Valley Partnership’s annual meeting is Dec. 15 |

Vail Valley Partnership’s annual meeting is Dec. 15

On behalf of the Vail Valley Partnership, I’d like to extend an invitation to the community to attend our upcoming annual meeting Dec. 15 at 4 p.m. at Manor Vail Lodge.

This was a year of great successes for the Partnership and included the introduction of a variety of new member benefits and events. Special thanks to the hard-working team at the Vail Valley Partnership and to our members who engaged and took advantage of their membership benefits.

For those who don’t know us (or who need a reminder), the Vail Valley Partnership is the leading resource and advocate for business and tourism in the Vail Valley. With close to 700 members from Denver to Glenwood Springs, the Partnership represents a broad range of enterprises and non-profit organizations. The Partnership is a regional leader in sustaining and enhancing the Vail Valley as a tourism destination and as a place to do business by contributing to the identity and economic well-being of Eagle County. The Partnership takes a leadership role with community and business partners to provide a business-to-business resource and voice for businesses in addition to our destination marketing and sales efforts.

Our organization has grown its footprint in the community despite downsizing our staff in recent years. I am especially proud of our staff – the people who make it happen on a daily basis for our 700 members. They have embraced the business community and have found ways to continue to increase the number of destination guests to the Vail Valley, increase the number of marketing channels for our members to promote their businesses to guests and have greatly increased the business-to-business networking and marketing benefits for our local business community.

The Partnership has also been active in collaborating with other local chambers and merchant associations to better represent our mutual stakeholders – the business community. The Partnership will continue to take the lead to ensure that the historical competition between our groups becomes collaboration moving forward. While there is certainly some overlap, each business association/chamber/merchant group is working diligently to provide value to the community and we are all working together on behalf of our stakeholders (that’s you).

To Vail Valley Partnership members, we appreciate your investment in your business and your investment in your community via your involvement with the Vail Valley Partnership. We couldn’t do it without your continued support. Thank you for your membership.

To non-members, we invite you to attend to learn more about us and we appreciate the opportunity to fill you in on all the great networking, marketing, cost-savings, local media and other benefits available to you starting at just $350 per year.

Looking forward to 2011 and beyond, the Partnership has quite a bit on our radar. We think you’ll be as excited to hear about it as we are to share it with you. You’ll have to attend the meeting Wednesday to hear the exact details of what’s next. See you then!

Chris Romer is the executive director of the Vail Valley Partnership.

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