Vail Valley: Police have trouble with man’s ID |

Vail Valley: Police have trouble with man’s ID

Eagle Valley Enterprise
Vail, CO Colorado

VAIL VALLEY, Colorado –A deputy pulled over a driver on Highway 6 in Edwards May 23 after he saw the man weaving repeatedly into the westbound lane.

The deputy asked to see the man’s identification. The man said he didn’t have one. The deputy saw the man was wearing a wrist band used by a local bar to indicate a person is over 21. He asked the man how he got into the bar without ID. The man said he knew the doorman. The man wrote a name and date of birth on the deputy’s notepad.

The officer noted that he smelled alcohol on the man’s breath. The man was also unable to provide proof of insurance.

Dispatch said the man’s name was clear, but there were two possible hits. One was for a warrant out of Weld County for criminal impersonation and the other was a restraining order. The deputy called for a cover car.

The deputy had the man get out of the vehicle and found a wallet in his back pocket but there was no ID in it. The man said he was willing to do roadside tests for DUI and that he’d had about eight to 10 beers. The officer observed the man “did not perform the tests as a sober person would” and he placed the man under arrest.

The officers asked the man for permission to search the car. Fraudulent permanent resident and Social Security cards were found under the driver’s seat. The deputies ran the name on the permanent resident card through dispatch and discovered a possible Immigration and Customs Enforcement warrant. A marijuana pipe was also found in the center console. The man said he did not have a medical marijuana card.

The vehicle was turned over to the man’s wife.

On the way to Eagle County jail, the man complained about the handcuffs. Eventually, he released his seat belt and smashed his head into the cage barrier three times. The officer had to pull over and put the handcuffs behind the man’s back and buckle him back in to the seat.

At the jail, the man was seated on a bench. He would lift his body up and slam his hands onto the bench. The officer noted the man could move his fingers and hands without pain despite the cuffs and that the man would be calm for a moment and then enraged.

The officer had the man checked by medical staff at Vail Valley Medical Center. The man told them he’d used cocaine that night. He was treated and released from the hospital and transported back to jail.

An inventory search turned up a folded dollar bill with traces of cocaine in the wallet.

Deputies were unable to obtain full verification of the man’s identity. A dispatch search for an address on the motor vehicle registration came up with a report of domestic violence in which no arrests were made. Police checked the name and birth date associated with that report and found an active felony warrant and DUI. Speaking to the man’s wife did not clear up the issue.

Deputies will check with Lake and Weld counties regarding further identification of the man, who is suspected of using multiple combinations of names and birth dates.

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