Vail Valley: R.A. Nelson builds with bales at Walking Mountains |

Vail Valley: R.A. Nelson builds with bales at Walking Mountains

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Vail, CO, Colorado

Throughout this week, walls made primarily of stacked straw bales will be built for the Field Studies Base Camp building on the Walking Mountains Buck Creek Campus in Avon. R.A. Nelson and Associates is building the structure.

Straw bale is a building method that uses bales of straw from common grains such as wheat or rice, which is often discarded after the grain is harvested. Plastered straw bale walls are gaining popularity as a building method because of their tremendous insulating values, sound deadening properties and fire resistant qualities. It is also a highly regarded material in sustainable building because it is natural, non-toxic and made from a waste product.

The straw bales will be inserted in sections between the structural columns and then compressed by a plate and beam. The walls are then plastered in multiple steps.

Markian Feduschak, Executive Director of Walking Mountains, believes that “this is a critical teaching tool for us because it expands our ability to talk about energy efficiency and energy use by demonstrating straw bale first hand.” The entire campus will be a teaching tool for the surrounding community and school children where the latest trends in technology in environmentally sensitive land design and green building can be showcased.

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