Vail Valley radio station holds fund-raiser for Haitian relief |

Vail Valley radio station holds fund-raiser for Haitian relief

VAIL VALLEY, Colorado – KSKE radio host “BT” has pulled some long shifts on the air before, but nothing like this.

BT is on the air from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. today and he plans to put in the same hours Thursday. The goal is to raise some local money to feed poor people in Haiti. The station is working with Food for the Poor, a Florida-based nonprofit group that bills itself as “the No. 1 international relief and development charity in the United States.”

The group says it feeds about 2 million people per day in 17 countries. But the local radio effort is concentrating on Haiti, one of the most poverty-stricken countries on the planet.

“In Haiti, one out of eight children will die before the age of six,” charity representative Sydney Henry told the radio audience Wednesday. “We’re asking you to help avert a humanitarian disaster.”

The cost of helping is reasonable: Henry says Food for the Poor can feed a Haitian family of four for a month for just $12.

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The local station got involved because Food for the Poor is a favorite charity of a consultant who did some work for the company earlier this year. People at the station got excited about the charity’s work, too.

The idea for an on-air marathon started in Aspen, BT said, and has moved to the Vail Valley.

“We’ve heard some people complain that we should be doing more locally,” BT said. “But we’re involved in all kinds of things in the valley. We wanted to think a little more globally with this.”

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What station? Ski Country FM, 101.7 on the dial.

Who benefits: Food for the Poor.

To donate: Call 866-714-3663.

To learn more: Listen, or go to or

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