Vail Valley: Red Canyon High students starting food truck business |

Vail Valley: Red Canyon High students starting food truck business

These Red Canyon High School student are among those raising money to start a school-based food truck business. Seventy-five percent of Red Canyon students qualify for for the free and reduced lunch program, but neither the Edwards notr Eagle campuses have a lunch program. So Red Canyon business students are solving the problem.
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Neither Red Canyon High School campus in Eagle and Edwards have lunch programs. Students are trying to raise $40,000 to buy two food trucks, so they can start and run their own lunch businesses.

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EDWARDS — Entrepreneurs find needs and fill them. If you’re a Red Canyon High School student, then there’s a space where lunch is supposed to be. Young entrepreneurs are trying to fill that space.

Red Canyon High School and Integreat! are raising money for two food trucks.

Red Canyon has two Eagle County campuses — one in Edwards and one in Eagle — and neither has a school lunch program.

They will soon.

Seventy-five percent of Red Canyon students qualify for the free and reduced lunch program.

money issues

“Restaurants are too far to walk for Edwards. With food trucks, we can feed our students at a low cost, and the community as well. Food trucks are cheaper than brick and mortar storefronts and emit less greenhouse gases,” said Red Canyon student Adam Clouatre.

These Red Canyon students are on a long leash and are learning how to navigate the startup business process, said Debby Beard, Red Canyon Internship Coordinator.

“Our students are passionate about this project and have worked hard to get it going,” Beard said.

It all starts with a business plan. Students in Beard’s business classes will be project managers and run the business with Integreat!, doing everything from servicing the trucks, purchasing, meal planning, budgeting, menus, marketing … every aspect of a business.

“We have small classes in Eagle and Edwards who have never met each other, but are working together to make it happen,” Beard said.

The students are even raising their own startup capital. They have a Colorado Gives page and launched a Kickstarter campaign.

“We … want to run this as a business,” said Israel Salazar Carrillo. “I’m a senior, but think it’s important. Food trucks are the future and will soon be everywhere.”

Sara Amberg runs Integreat!, and is ecstatic with the idea.

“I’m thrilled with the drive and initiative demonstrated by these students and their teachers. It’s always better if it can provide a learning opportunity for young people,” Amberg said. “They’re excited and passionate about this. If you give young people room to pursue their dreams, they’ll rise to it.”

You can even follow the effort on social media.

“We started tweeting to Food Network stars and on Instagram asked people to follow us. We are really trying to get the word out,” said Victoria Bolli.

Along with feeding Red Canyon students for low cost in Eagle and Edwards, the students plan to park the trucks at festivals, cater and in the afternoons feed the general public. Integreat! runs the school district’s summer lunch program and wants to use the trucks.

“Any chance you can feed someone, you should,” Amberg said. “It’s a great solution and I’ll do anything to help them.”

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