Vail Valley residents don’t have big plans for checks |

Vail Valley residents don’t have big plans for checks

Scott N. Miller
Vail, CO, Colorado

EAGLE COUNTY ” From bills to getaways, locals are waiting for their government checks.

The first wave of checks, part of a $168 billion economic stimulus package passed in March, have been mailed out. Now comes the waiting. Once those checks arrive, will the money go toward retail spending, as the government hopes, or will it end up used in more practical ways.

Some local financial advisers are advising people to pay down their credit card balances or put the money into their retirement funds.

Barb Lynch’s plans lean toward the practical.

“I’m trying to get my credit card bills down,” she said.

Christine Thurston of Gypsum may have some bills to pay, or not, depending on how her life plays out over the next few weeks. If she doesn’t incur the bills, she’d like to take her daughters on a quick road trip, probably just in Colorado or Utah.

“There are all kinds of places we could go,” she said. “And we could camp, but with a little extra money we could stay in a hotel for a few nights.”

Hitting the road is on Charlie Brown’s mind, too. Brown, who runs the Mountain Pedaler bike shop in Eagle, said he’ll probably devote his check to his vacation fund, too.

Brown said he’s not doing any advertising specifically for people with stimulus checks to spend and cycling on their minds.

“But I hope I get a few of those people in the store,” he said. But he said, paying bills is “a lot of people’s reality.”

In Edwards, Faith Bleesz, co-owner of Brush Creek Dry Goods, said she and her husband, Raymond, don’t have any big plans for marketing toward stimulus check spenders.

“We have a lot on our plate right now,” Bleesz said. Between a remodeling job and adjusting the inventory, the store owners are taking advantage of a quiet time in the valley to get the changes in the store made.

Dan Kurtanich doesn’t intend to market his business to stimulus spenders, either. Kurtanich, co-owner of D2 Footwear in Eagle, said his clients are all over the country, so it’s hard to reach them with one campaign.

And, he said, he’s skeptical about the effectiveness of the stimulus program as it is.

“I think the whole thing’s a joke,” he said. “Compared to what I paid the government this year, that check is chickenfeed.”

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