Vail Valley residents: Show us the logo |

Vail Valley residents: Show us the logo

Chris Outcalt
Vail Valley, CO Colorado

VAIL VALLEY, Colorado ” Susan Bristol isn’t sure why the county needs a new logo. Bristol, a 39-year resident of Colorado’s Vail Valley, kind of likes the current graphic of a soaring eagle in front of a mountain.

But since the county has already spent the money to have a consultant come up with a suggestion for a new logo, she’d like to see it.

“I don’t know what the new one is,” Bristol said. “It might be spectacular.”

The county spent $36,500 in 2007 to hire a Texas-based design consultant to come up with possible “brands” for the county, including logos and slogans. The commissioners narrowed the logos down to one they like and are trying to find a way to show it to the public. The consultant is concerned that if the graphic is made available to the public, anyone could use it.

The county shouldn’t have spent the money in the first place, Bristol said.

“It’s unfortunate that amount of money was spent,” she said. “Times were different when they committed to it, though.”

Longtime Vail Valley resident Holly Cole thinks the county’s current logo is “butt ugly.”

“Maybe the new one would look better,” said Cole.

Cole would rather the county hadn’t spent the money, but doesn’t want it to go to waste since it has already been spent.

“They’re not going to get the money back,” she said. “I don’t want to see them lose it.”

The county commissioners got their first look at several new logos at the beginning of January. The board chose to discuss the branding ideas in a private session at the request of the designer. The county has yet to release the logo, but the commissioners have said they want the public to see it before making a decision whether to change the graphic.

Officials are considering trademarking the graphic and putting it on the county Web site, or hosting the logo on the GOGO Creative Web site.

Eagle-Vail resident Linda Fox doesn’t want to see the logo.

“I don’t care,” said Fox, who has lived in the valley for four decades. “It’s totally unnecessary, whatever the logo is is fine.”

Fox would rather the county have spent the money on bus service or putting a park and ride in Eagle-Vail.

“I would appreciate it if they wouldn’t spend taxpayer dollars on this,” she said. “If they were taking it out of their own money would they have done it?”

Sheri Bashford, who lives in Gypsum, agreed with Fox. Spending money on a new logo was a waste, Bashford said.

Vail resident Blanche Boren is in favor of a new logo.

“People might enjoy a fresh luck,” Boren said. “We need something fun, we don’t want to feel stagnant.”

Kevin Hewitt, who recently moved to Avon, said as long as the county’s logo has an eagle in it, it’s fine with him.

“You have a county named Eagle County, that seems to make sense,” Hewitt said.

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