Vail Valley Salvation Army accepting applications for rental assistance |

Vail Valley Salvation Army accepting applications for rental assistance

Towns of Vail, Avon as well as Eagle County putting money in

El Salvation Army del Valle de Vail dice que la mejor manera de comunicarse con un representante es a través de correo electrónico.
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Thanks to grants from the towns of Vail and Avon as well as Eagle County, the Vail Valley Salvation Army is looking to help locals with rental assistance due to loss of work because of COVID-19.

“Both Avon and Vail are really doing everything they can to not only support their workforce but also small business owners,” said Tsu Wolin-Brown, Vail Valley Salvation Army coordinator.

Funding from the town of Avon will go directly to residents who reside in the town. The Vail Town Council’s funds will go toward those who live or work in the town.

“Everybody’s been hard hit because everybody’s been out of work for at least a month,” Wolin-Brown said.

To apply, call the local Salvation Army at 970-748-0704, ext. 102 or ext. 103, to reach a case worker. Wolin-Brown said applicants should be aware there’s a backup and to leave a message — case workers will not call back unless a message is left.

Applicants will need to verify they lost work because of the coronavirus; photo ID (scanned and emailed or faxed); first couple pages of the lease; landlord contact information and acceptance of payment.

“We can’t help somebody if they’re not on the lease,” Wolin-Brown said.

In addition to the towns and county, Wolin-Brown added others have been contributing to the local Salvation Army, which is putting out more than three times the amount of food it usually does.

“This is the first time in my career practically that people have come to us with offers of funding versus us reaching out,” she said.

Wolin-Brown has been with the Salvation Army for over 35 years.

“It’s wonderful to know that we’ve built these relationships,” she said.

Wolin-Brown added that locals should also apply for government assistance available and that the rental assistance funding will be on a case-by-case basis.

“We’ve been doing this a long time,” she said.

The Vail Valley Salvation Army is hoping this wave of financial assistance will be the first of more to come.

“This is not a sprint, it’s a marathon,” Wolin-Brown said.

In addition to rental assistance, the Vail Valley Salvation is also open Mondays through Fridays in Avon.

“For food, anybody who needs food can come to our door,” Wolin-Brown said.

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