Vail Valley Salvation Army in need of 900 bell ringers |

Vail Valley Salvation Army in need of 900 bell ringers

Verna and Allie pitched in as Salvation Army bellringers. The Vail Valley Salvation Army needs 900 bellringers. They average 500 local families each month who need help from their food pantry.
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To Help

To be a Salvation Army bellringer, or volunteer or provide support, go to, or call 970-748-0704.

EAGLE COUNTY — The local Salvation Army wants you to help get its bell rung.

Vail Valley Salvation Army needs bell ringers, those happy smiling people who stand in front of stores and ring a small bell, as you stuff money into a large pot.

And you should do both, ring and stuff. You can even do it at the same time — a sort of Christmas multitasking.

“When you think about an organization that helps those in need, the Salvation Army is top of mind for most people around our nation. In the Vail Valley, this belief is no different,” said Tsu Wolin-Brown, director of the Vail Valley Salvation Army.

Wolin-Brown is one of two employees, and has been running the programs since 2003. Before that she was a volunteer for 21 years. She said people need help year-round, not just during the holidays. However, this is the time of year that most locals think of the Salvation Army, because their annual holiday giving programs.

“We need to fill 900 slots for Bell Ringers this year,” Wolin-Brown said. Ringers will be stationed at local supermarkets up and down the valley. Bring your children with you, she said.

“It’s a great way to teach kids of all ages about giving back,” Wolin-Brown said.

About the Salvation Army

The Vail Valley Salvation Army provides emergency services and tries to help promote self-sufficiency.

Housing is the greatest need facing this community, Wolin-Brown.

“We have a lot of struggling locals who can’t find a place to live, and if they do have a place to live, they can’t pay their rent.”

Low wages combined with high rents forces frequent visits to the Salvation Army’s food pantry. More than 500 families a month ask for help, Wolin-Brown said.

The Salvation Army also operates a Medical Equipment Lending Library, a service that not many locals know exists. Wheelchairs, crutches and other medical equipment is stored at the Shaw Cancer Center and loaned to those in need.

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