Vail Valley schools celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week |

Vail Valley schools celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week

Vail Daily staff report
Vail, CO Colorado

VAIL VALLEY – Eagle County Schools is joins thousands of communities across the country in celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week this week in Colorado’s Vail Valley.

“We have a large amount of quantitative statistical data showing that teachers in Eagle County are a cut above what’s in other schools and our teachers get tremendous growth out of students,” said Jason Glass, the school district’s director of human resources. “But that’s not how I know we have great teachers. I know we have great teachers when I see kids running into schools during the year and hanging around the building all summer, wanting to get back inside.”

A few ways in which students, parents and community members can help the district recognize teachers it to write a note to their child’s teacher, expressing their appreciation and gratitude. Or, take your child’s teacher out to lunch.

Parents also can volunteer to help out in their child’s classroom for a few hours, bake a teacher cookies, bring a teacher a warm cappuccino or latte, buy a teacher a gift certificate to a local business or write a letter to the school principal describing a teacher’s impact is having on your child.

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