Vail Valley: Showing younger siblings the ropes |

Vail Valley: Showing younger siblings the ropes

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We received a letter from 9-year-old twin girls from Avon who wish to remain anonymous. We’ll call them “Gina” and “Tina.”Their father lost his job, but luckily got another in a town close by. They’re mildly concerned about attending a new school, making new friends and the changes in their lifestyle, but they make friends easy.Since they’re moving this month, they have spent most of the last few weeks packing and haven’t had a real chance for summer fun and family activities. They are moving out of their three-bedroom house into a one-bedroom house until their house sells, which might be bothersome.Gina and Tina say they aren’t worried much about themselves because they have each other, but they are worried about their 5-year-old brother, “Timmy,” who they are very close to. He will be starting school in September and will be away from the family for the first time.Mom told them he will be home from school at 11:30 a.m. The girls will be separated from Timmy until they get home at 2:30 p.m. Right now he spends a lot of his time with the girls and his friends but when he starts school he won’t know anyone.We suggest giving Timmy more attention and care during these changing times. As big sisters, you will be able to help him with homework in September, but for now teach him his ABC’s, and how to write from 1 to 100, his new address and phone number and how to call 911, in case of an emergency. We are sure that you will let him know how much fun kindergarten will be and the new kids he will get to meet and play with, as well as the new adults (teachers) in his life.It’s important, coming from you girls, to share with Timmy how much fun learning can be. Ask your parents for more suggestions about what you might teach Timmy before school starts. Girls, most importantly let him know that you are always there for him and you love him! These rough times (and living arrangements) won’t last forever, but your family, as tight and loving as you seem, will.Always be honest with your parents and let them know that something is on your mind and you’d like to talk about it.If you feel you can’t talk to your parents and are having problems, no matter what they might be, please write us and we’ll try to help out:AnDee & AthenaP O Box 3540Eagle, CO 81631E-mail: JUSTFORKIDS@live.comIf you’d like your parents to read your story, please include your name. If not, we will change your name to protect you, just let us know. Also, please include your age and city.Please note, if you’d like to help out other kids by sharing your story we’d love to hear from you.AnDee Heath and her daughter Athena Marquez live in Eagle County. AnDee has written a trilogy: “Custody,” “Beyond Custody” and “Custody Unleashed,” recently released. “Custody” is the story of fighting for custody of children who weren’t hers. She and Athena seek to help children with their everyday problems, understanding that parents aren’t always the ones to whom children will turn to and friends aren’t usually beneficial sources of healthy information. Athena’s latest book “Denouncing God … In fear of saving,” is scheduled for release this month.

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