Vail Valley: ‘Shows you might not know’ at Vilar Center |

Vail Valley: ‘Shows you might not know’ at Vilar Center

Kris Sabel
Director's Chair
Vail Valley, CO Colorado
Special to the Vail DailyVail Valley: Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company performs the Alwin Nikolais Centennial, an acknowledgement of the contributions made by the great modern dance pioneer.

VAIL VALLEY, Colorado –Winter is almost here in Colorado’s Vail Valley and the Vilar Performing Arts Center is adding to the excitement by announcing the full 09-10 lineup for the theater.

Tickets for a number of shows are already available for purchase, but tickets for the entire winter season go on sale Nov. 2. You can view the full season online at

Our logic for waiting until now to announce the season is that we want it to be as complete as possible when we go public, so you know all the wonderful shows on the slate and can plan your winter accordingly. However, we’ll continue to add to this season as we go, so as always, stay tuned to the Web site and this weekly column to keep informed.

By nature, most of us are lured to the shows we are familiar with. “I know that, I like that, I want to see that,” we say.

As a performing arts center we have a mission to provide you opportunities to see a wide variety of exceptional artists and events, some of which you may never have heard of. One of the greatest joys of my job is when audience members come up to me and say, “we had no idea what to expect tonight but this is one of the best shows we’ve ever seen.”

Most people are surprised that they don’t recognize the names of many of the artists on my list of favorite shows from the past 11 years in Beaver Creek. It is our goal to build upon the performing arts you know you like, with shows that you cannot miss – and will soon become new favorites.

For that reason, the 09-10 season strikes a balance between shows and artists you will be familiar with (like Cats, Stomp and B.B. King); as well as some exceptional programming that, if you give it a chance, will inspire you (Alvin Ailey Dance Theater); entertain you (Curtis Adams, Magic That Rocks); challenge you (Alwin Nikolais Centennial Celebration) or maybe just make you happy to be alive (The Russian National Orchestra performing Beethoven’s 5th piano concerto).

On our Web site, you can check out the artists by series or by date, listen to their music, see videos and link to artist sites for even more information.

It is not possible to cover the entire season in this one article but let me attempt to give you some of the highlights. Read below, do some research, and plan your winter at the Vilar Performing Arts Center!

Broadway/Musical Series:

Jan. 22 – “100 Years of Broadway”: Featuring Broadway artists singing hits from your favorite musicals of the past 100 Years.

March 7 – Le Grand Cirque : Featuring an international cast of 50 acclaimed acrobats and performers from over 15 countries, this award-winning, thrill-a-minute spectacle simply takes your breath away.

Dance Series:

March 2 – Alwin Nikolais Centennial Celebration: Nikolais is considered a pioneer of modern dance, using multi-media. His work inspired what we’ve come to expect from troupes like Momix (also coming this winter, on Jan. 31) and Pilobolus (theater favorites from past seasons).

Classical Series:

Nov. 19 – The Ten Tenors: A touring groups from Australia, 10 wonderful voices singing some of the best-loved pop song and arias that we all know and love.

Feb. 6 – I Musici de Montreal: In this inventive interpretation of Mussorgsky’s “Pictures at an Exhibition,” I Musici de Montreal, a chamber orchestras, combines Mussorgsky’s timeless compositions with large-screen animated projections of Yuli Turovsky’s paintings.

Comedy Series:

March 21 – Chicago City Limits presents wikiphobia: Whether it’s global warming or global blogging, networking or Netflix, international affairs or interpersonal ones, Chicago City Limits delivers an evening of fast-paced, high-energy improv comedy

Family Series:

Dec. 28 – Cirque Le Masque: “Take the stylized look of Cirque du Soleil, set the scene in the romantic Carnivale of Rio de Janeiro and crank up the volume.” – Boston Globe.

Concert Series

Jan. 17 – The Punch Brothers: Troupe features mandolin virtuoso Chris Thile, formerly with Nickel Creek.

Feb. 1- Open Wings, Broken Strings: An acoustic tour featuring Eddie Kowalczyk of Live, Art Alexakis of Everclear, and Leigh Nash of Six Pence None The Richer.

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