Vail skier Matt Luczkow in Warren Miller film ‘Dynasty’ |

Vail skier Matt Luczkow in Warren Miller film ‘Dynasty’

Caramie Schnell
Vail, CO Colorado
Jeff Cricco/Warren Miller Entertainment/Special toMatt Luczkow skis for Warren Miller in the Vail backcountry.

VAIL, Colorado – Like many Vail Valley natives, Matt Luczkow first strapped on skis when he was two years old. Now, 20 years later, he’s basking in the glow of his first ski film. And what a place to start – Luczkow has a few parts in the 60th anniversary Warren Miller film, called “Dynasty.” The film makes its Eagle County premier Friday and Saturday at the Vilar Peforming Arts Center in Beaver Creek and Luczkow will be there to talk about his experience working with the Warren Miller crew.

Though the Eagle Valley High School alum is sponsored by a handful of companies, including Smith Optics and Buzz’s Boards, and has been since high school, he said he still feels pretty new to the professional skiing industry. This year he’ll be competing on the Free Skiing World Tour, which begins in January and has stops in Canada, Crested Butte, California and ends at Snowbird in March.

Luczkow recently stopped by the Vail Daily to talk about what it’s like being a Warren Miller rookie athlete.

1. Vail Daily: What’s your first Warren Miller film memory?

Matt Luczkow: I remember watching Warren Miller films as a kid. I think I just caught it on TV or something but I remember these people skiing through the woods, chasing Warren through the woods. Warren had a fox tail on or something and it was like catch the fox.

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2. VD: How did your part in this year’s Warren Miller film come about?

ML: It happened because for the past few years i’ve been shooting with photographers, Jeff Cricco mainly. He was getting shots of me published in magazines. I had been competing and Jeff knew about this Colorado trip that is my segment in the film. They wanted somebody new to be in the movie, to get new names out there. I’d been doing really well with Jeff, and that’s how it happened. Jeff was my in.

3. VD: Tell me where the segment was filmed.

ML: It was last March. I had gone to this competion, I fell first run so I was bumming. I kind of heard Warren Miller was going to call me. They called me why I was there and said, we want to film. … The next day I got picked up by the Warren Miller crew and we’re off on our shoot. They picked me up in Vail. We went to Silverton. I got to heli ski for two days. That was my first time. It was a dream come true. I was like ‘Wow, I’m heli skiing for free, with Warren Miller. This is so awesome.’ That was the coolest part of the trip. We took some snowmobiles around Aspen, up Buffalo Pass. Then we went to Aspen/Snowmass area. I also filmed at Keystone with them. I filmed for about two weeks with them all together.

4. VD: Were you the only skier?

ML: It was me and Max Mancini. He’s a tele skier from Crested Butte. I had never met him before but he turned out to be a really cool guy. We’ve been going to the shows together – I was in Boulder for a week and Denver for a week, going to Warren shows two times a day. Going and talking and meeting people, representing at the movies. That was really cool. I’d never gotten to do something like that.

5. VD: Did you feel kind of like a movie star? Were girls swooning?

ML: (Laughing) Yeah, kind of. It was fun.

6. VD: And you’ve already talked to them about filming for next season? Any idea where that will be?

ML: It’ll definitely be somewhere in Colorado.

7. VD: Were you nervous?

ML: Yeah, I was nervous. But I feel like I skied pretty well. I definitely skied the biggest lines I’ve ever skied before in Silverton. I skied the most exposed terrain. I was the rookie out there and it was an awesome experience. I can ski, and I like big mountain, backcountry stuff, but I also like to ski park and I can do a lot of tricks. I do have the tricks of the segment. I have a few backflips in the movie. I did some 360s that didn’t make the movie. That’s how I want to make my name as a skier. Doing big tricks in the back country with a lot of style, and using the natural terrain. It’s not that different from what some people are doing, but that’s my area and what I can do the best.

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