Vail Valley: Snow Ball crowds were mostly polite |

Vail Valley: Snow Ball crowds were mostly polite

Scott N. Miller
Vail, CO, Colorado

AVON – Chris Doyle thinks Avon could use more music festivals.

Doyle, part of the family that owns Bob’s Place in Avon, said the bar and restaurant was hopping – “crazy,” but relatively trouble-free – all weekend. As far as Doyle’s concerned, the three-day music festival showed a possible future for business in town.

“Hopefully it’s a good start,” Doyle said, who added that he’d like to see music festivals throughout the year. There’s a place for the indie-rock and electronica bands Snow Ball brought, he said. But there’s also room for, say, country-western or jazz events.

“We just want to bring in people who are going to spend money at different restaurants and stores,” Doyle said.

Susan Swimm and her husband, Rob, own Paddy’s in Eagle-Vail. The restaurant set up a vendor booth inside the festival grounds, which did just “all right,” Susan said.

“But Paddy’s was a raging nightclub for two nights,” she added.

Fortunately, the “rage” was mostly due to young people having fun. The event wasn’t trouble-free, but Avon Police Chief Bob Ticer said officers made just 48 arrests.

Over the weekend, 12 people were arrested for drug distribution. Another 11 arrests were made for minors in possession of drugs or alcohol. Others were arrested for drug possession, trespassing and disorderly conduct. Only three people were arrested on what Ticer called “minor” assault charges.

Besides the arrests, Ticer Monday morning said he’d just received a report from a private company that puts immobilizing “boots” on cars parked at condo complexes around Nottingham Park. That report showed only about 20 cars were booted over the weekend, he said.

Since the Eagle County Jail was running near capacity already, jail administrator Bill Kaufman said only those arrested for drug-distribution charges were kept in jail over the weekend for Monday-morning dates with a judge. Others were released on personal-recognizance bonds.

“We usually have three or four people held over the weekend, and today we have 10 or 15,” Kaufman said.

The emergency room at Vail Valley Medical Center also reported a busier-than-usual weekend, but no serious injuries were reported.

Ticer said the plan drawn up by the various public-safety agencies worked well, and credited the other agencies for their work. Ticer also said the concert crowds were, in general, pretty polite.

“When we have an event like this we are going to have more arrests,” Ticer said. “The crowd was young and energized, but, for the most part, peaceful and respectful.”

From her booth at the festival, Swimm said she mostly saw people having a good time.

“I think it’s nothing but positive for the area – I hope we have it every year,” Swimm said. “I was so proud of where I lived this weekend – the Snow Ball showed Avon they’re a great venue for festivals.”

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