Vail Valley streams running extremely high; please be careful |

Vail Valley streams running extremely high; please be careful

The Eagle River in Minturn is running hit-your-head close to bridges. Please, stay off the river right now.
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With the Vail Valley set to welcome thousands of guests this week, it’s time for a quick reminder about safety around streams.

  • First: Just don’t go near the streams right now. Streams are running near or above historic highs right now. That makes them potentially dangerous. Town of Minturn officials have warned river users to stay out of the Eagle River through that town, in large part because the Eagle River is running close to the bottoms of bridges in town.
  • Please keep kids and pets away from streams. Those streams are running fast enough that an accidental slip could be tragic.
  • Please observe “turn around, don’t drown” in flooded areas. It only takes six inches of fast-moving water to knock over an adult human. It only takes 12 inches of that water to sweep away an automobile.
  • You don’t know what’s under the water that’s covering a road. The roadway might be washed away, creating a hazardous hole for a motorist.

Be careful out there, friends.

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