Vail Valley success: Go ahead, make someone else’s day |

Vail Valley success: Go ahead, make someone else’s day

Go ahead, make their day


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As “Dirty Harry” Callahan in “Sudden Impact” Clint Eastwood told a bad guy, “go ahead, make my day” – perhaps one of the most recognizable and most repeated movie lines of all time.

Colorado even has a “Make My Day” law that allows citizens to defend themselves with whatever means necessary to protect their homes or families.

What if we changed the line, altering the quote just a little bit while improving the meaning a lot? How would it look, sound, and feel if we adopted the philosophy “go ahead, make their day?”

If we approached each and every day with the intent to try and make someone else’s day brighter, happier, and easier we could help those closest to us to have a better than good day. We may even find ourselves in a position to offer a word of encouragement to a random contact or complete stranger and have a similar, if not “sudden” impact.

Zig Ziglar shared this with me this way. Paraphrasing, he said, how would you feel if someone called you, e-mailed you, sent you a text message, or greeting card and the note sounded something like this: “You know, I wish I could talk to you more often because every time we meet or talk I feel so much better. You inspire me to be a stronger person. Whenever we finish talking I have a greater sense of peace and your smile and sense of humor keep me laughing throughout my day. I am so glad we are friends and thanks for being in my life.”

Chances are you would feel pretty incredible wouldn’t you?

Why wait for someone to make your day? Why not take the time right now to write, text, or e-mail a close friend or family member and make their day. Give them an opportunity to experience the incredible feeling you just imagined for yourself.

This should never be a tactic or technique used to manipulate a person or situation. It has to be a sincere and honest feeling communicated from your heart. And it can be shared between spouses, parents and children, friends, employers and employees – just about anyone. And, for the guys out there who may feel this is too weird or unmanly to share with a close friend, I challenge you to try it – you will be amazed at the outcome.

Sometimes I will send a quick text to a close friend who happens to be on my mind or who I know is struggling with something. The message is just something quick like “I love you brother, and appreciate our friendship.” And typically the response is “Thanks man, I needed that today.”

It’s awesome.

Thanks to all of you who make my day each week when you send your e-mails. Your kind words are sincerely appreciated and I am so glad you are part of this community. Let me know how you plan on making someone else’s day at and let’s make it a better than good week for as many people as possible.

Michael Norton is a strategic consultant, business and personal coach and motivational speaker, and CEO of He writes a weekly motivational column for the Vail Daily.

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