Vail Valley success: How can you become a triple threat? |

Vail Valley success: How can you become a triple threat?

Isn’t it funny how some people expect to be compensated or rewarded for doing less than expected while others go out of their way to do much more, look for ways to add value in all that they do, and never ask for anything in return?

Who are these overachievers and why are they finding work or why are they so secure in their positions?

Whether you are searching for a new job or career or you are concerned about keeping the one you already have you must start thinking beyond the value proposition you offer your potential or current employer. Even if you are just about to graduate college and join the work force, you must be willing to differentiate yourself from the masses through your willingness and ability to do more than is expected.

We can no longer continue to simply stand in front of the fire pits of life asking for heat without first putting in the wood. In today’s competitive job market we not only need to put the wood into to fire pit, we need to first find the wood and then cut it, too.

There you have it – the triple threat. Find the wood, cut the wood, feed the fire.

Have you taken personal inventory of all the things you can do for your employer that you aren’t already doing? Have you shared with a potential employer all the things you can accomplish while employed that go beyond what the job description calls for? Are you volunteering to get involved with new projects that demonstrate you are a team player ready to do more?

Here’s the deal – companies and managers everywhere are being tasked with doing more with less. So if they see you as being someone who can contribute at multiple levels, you have distanced yourself from the competition vying for that same position or you have further secured that place you hold where you are currently employed. And you have probably even positioned yourself for advancement or promotion when the timing is right and the economy creeps its way back up.

Becoming a triple threat means you need to be able to articulate and demonstrate your willingness and ability to provide at least two more value-added services internally where current gaps in the organization may exist. Take a minute right now and write down all the jobs you are qualified to do within your current employment opportunity or for a potential new employer.

The new reality is that budgets are dictating the need to do more with less. And with willingness to become that triple threat, coupled with character, hard work, and a positive and productive attitude you can be assured that you will have improved your chances at being hired or at keeping your current position.

Are you a triple threat? Let me know at and make it a better than good week.

Michael Norton is a strategic consultant, business and personal coach and motivational speaker, and CEO of He writes a weekly motivational column for the Vail Daily.

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