Vail Valley success: It’s time to get your goals back on track |

Vail Valley success: It’s time to get your goals back on track

We are about 140 days into 2010 and our New Year’s resolutions and goals. How is it going so far?

According to the e-mails I have been receiving some of you are doing amazingly well, others continue to put forth the effort and are confident that they will eventually succeed, and a few of you have shared that your goal was just too big, too lofty, or just too hard.

Well, it’s time for a reminder to get back on track regardless of where you are relative to your goal. And if you haven’t even set a goal yet, there is no time like the present to start.

I would share with you this week the feedback that I have received from people who are doing amazingly well. The common denominator seems to be following two of the tips I shared in the beginning of the year:

• Writing down your goal or resolution and sharing with at least one other person.

• Understanding that you can make radical changes in minute steps – start small!

To get back on track take the time this week to revisit your original goals and resolutions and write them down. Even if you initially took the time to put pen to paper, rewrite them again now. This will give you a chance to think through what has worked so far, what hasn’t worked, and what you would change or do differently. More important, writing them down will allow you to leverage your creativity and get re-energized and excited about your goals.

Many of our local readers who are achieving success say that in addition to writing down their goals, they sent their written goals to a friend or family member. This creates an “accountability partner,” someone who has cheered them on and picked them up when they needed it. The good news, according to your e-mails, is that having an accountability partner has played an important part in their success.

The other comment that seems to have played a role in the success of your neighbors is starting small.

Lisa from Highlands Ranch embraced the concept of near-term goals and how we can make radical changes in minute steps. Zig Ziglar has shared this simple concept with audiences for years, but too often we try to tackle a huge goal and set unrealistic milestones.

When we fail to reach these goals in the first days or weeks, we abandon our plans and give up. However, when we carefully think through our goals, understand what we can achieve near term, and set realistic expectations, we increase our likelihood of success.

If you are meeting with tremendous success, keep going and stretch yourself a little more each week. If you are fighting the good fight, push forward because your goal is getting closer. And if you have given up, it’s time to get yourself back in the game.

Write your goals down, post them in a visible location, share them with a friend or family member, and start small – don’t try to boil the ocean on day one or in the first week.

Where are you in the pursuit of a goal or dream? E-mail me at and when you do get back on track it will be a better than good week.

Michael Norton is a strategic consultant, business and personal coach and motivational speaker, and CEO of He writes a weekly motivational column for the Vail Daily.

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