Vail valley success: Never give up on you |

Vail valley success: Never give up on you

The feedback from the recent series on success is greatly appreciated – please keep the e-mails coming. Your input is so very insightful and helpful as I think about future columns.

As an example, many people who contacted me about the content of the past four columns agreed with the philosophy and ideals, while others challenged me on the practicality of the concepts. And whenever I get the questions like “Does all of this motivation stuff that you write about or training really work?” My answer is that training and motivation absolutely does work… just as long as you do.

You see, you can’t just read a motivational book or column, attend a training seminar, or watch an inspirational DVD and expect that you now have all the answers and your problems or challenges will be fixed. You have to apply and practice the principles. Knock yourself off balance a little, maybe even a lot. Get uncomfortable with being a little uncomfortable at first.

But if you work at it, practice, and don’t quit on the new approach or yourself, you may find that the success of the training and motivation is in alignment with your effort in applying what you have read, watched, or learned.

Some of you – many of you, actually – and people you know are still without work, and although you appreciate the positive nature and intent of the columns (Thank you James from Centennial) you are still finding it hard to keep going day in and day out as you send out resumes, search job boards and newspapers, network at events and with friends and former associates, and are just exhausted from the mental, emotional, and physical trials of finding employment.

Don’t give up, do not quit on yourself, you are talented, you are smart, you are creative, and you have skill. What you need is that daily boost of will, energy, tenacity, and resolve to never, ever give up on you! This is a little different than the confidence and healthy self-image we maintain when believing in ourselves; this is the flat-out, absolute commitment to never giving in, never giving up, and never quitting on us, our families, or our dreams.

I know it’s hard – I have friends and family members searching for work and I personally wrestle with the economy and its impact on my business. But every day is a new day, every call and e-mail is an opportunity and every introduction could open a new door to your future.

Maybe you are employed but facing other challenges and struggles, striving to fulfill other dreams and desires, and it doesn’t matter, because what does matter is that you never, ever give up on you!

Keep the e-mails coming, and I would love to hear your success stories of perseverance at When you never quit and never give up on you, it will be a better than good week.

Michael Norton is a strategic consultant, business and personal coach and motivational speaker, and CEO of He writes a weekly motivational column for the Vail Daily.

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