Vail Valley Success: Relationships the final key to successful careers, lives |

Vail Valley Success: Relationships the final key to successful careers, lives

“Take charge of your relationships and you will have taken charge of your life”

– Jim Cathcart

As we’ve explored some concepts that drive success we included the importance of self-belief and confidence, showing up ready to get into the game of life and taking action today. Now let’s talk about relationships.

Think about the types of relationships there are in life. There are romantic relationship, friendships, husbands and wives, employerrs and employees and many other potential combinations. Do we ever really take the time to consider our role in all of the relationships in our own life?

In pursuing success, we must take the lead in assuring that the people who count on us are receiving the benefits of everything we have to give. If we put everything else ahead of the relationships, can we really claim success? If we achieved extreme wealth but lost our families or health in the process is that success?

In business the goal isn’t simply to have customers. The real goal is to gain raving fans, wildly happy customers, repeat customers, and reference-able customers. But why do we limit that philosophy to just business?

What if we treated each and every person in our life as if they deserved the very best service, attention, love, gratitude, and respect that we could possibly give them? Would we have raving fans who claim that their mom and dad are the best parents? Would we have wildly happy spouses who told others about their amazing husband or wife? Would our friends be waiting to hang with us and stand by us, sharing with others how cool we really are? And would our employees be willing to introduce people in their network to us because we are the best boss they have ever worked for, helping them to grow and achieve their own goals in life?

Imagine what each relationship could look like if we only put in the effort necessary for a winning relationship. Remember that permanent relationships are based on trust, respect, kindness, love, understanding, thoughtfulness, acceptance, appreciation, consistency, and unselfishness. And in every relationship there will no doubt be times of conflict and disagreement. Learning to compromise is the key, because if a harmonious relationship is our end, compromise is our means.

Author and professional speaker Jim Cathcart also advises us that “Improving existing relationships, adding new relationships, or eliminating unhealthy or unproductive relationships can have a dramatic impact on your life and career.”

Is there a relationship we can improve? Are there others we can add to our list of positive and productive relationships? Is it time to ditch the non-productive unhealthy ones?

When we have a healthy self image, show up ready to participate in a relationship, walk the talk and take action, and do everything we can to serve and contribute to building a winning relationship, we have developed the foundational elements for achieving success in all areas of our life.

I look forward to receiving your success stories and all about your success journeys at, so go out and make it a better than good week.

Michael Norton is a strategic consultant, business and personal coach and motivational speaker, and CEO of He writes a weekly motivational column for the Vail Daily.

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