Vail Valley: This year, make Father’s Day your kids’ day |

Vail Valley: This year, make Father’s Day your kids’ day

For starters, let’s just put it out there that it is wonderful that we celebrate all of us fathers once a year in June. But we really can’t, and shouldn’t, compete with Mother’s Day, in the Vail Valley or anywhere else.

On Mother’s Day we all tend to get dressed up a little nicer, churches are usually packed, restaurants are sold out, and flower shops get to enjoy one of their busiest times of the year. Father’s Day… well, not so much, right?

But this isn’t not about which one of the holidays is better or more deserving than the other, because both parents are important. In some cases one parent is pulling double duty as a single mom or dad, and kudos to those folks because that is one heck of a job.

Most moms and dads I know, myself included, have always looked to “our” day as a day we are owed – a day of rest or a day to do what it is that we want to do. Typically, that includes a round of golf and a barbecue for yours truly. And yes, it also means spending time with our children, because that is what we are supposed to do on those days.

This year I want to focus on the reason for the day – my children.

In today’s world that’s so full of noise and inappropriate information so easily accessible for our kids, I want to take Father’s Day to remind myself that it’s not up to society to raise my family – that’s my job. This Father’s Day isn’t about me, it’s about my children and how important they are to my overall joy and happiness each and every day.

Times are tough for everyone these days, but I think our kids have it harder than we did growing up. They have to compete with so much more, expectations are higher, and life is moving faster than it ever has before. They have a need to be connected 24/7 through texting and cell phones in a generation that begs for peace and serenity but gives up the battle to popular demand.

And it’s not about the things we give our children and the money we supply them – it’s about the time and love we lavish upon them. I am sure my children will be somewhat embarrassed by this public sharing of my love for them, but that’s OK. Deep down I am certain they wouldn’t have it any other way.

So this Father’s Day please join me in making the day about the little ones, caring for our children with an attitude of gratitude and servitude, maybe making them breakfast or taking them to dinner. And above all, sharing with them that we truly believe they are a gift and blessing in our lives and that we couldn’t be prouder than to just be their dad.

Be that great dad you always have been this weekend and I’d love to hear how you spent your kids’ day at and make it a better than good week!

Michael Norton is a strategic consultant, business and personal coach and motivational speaker, and CEO of He writes a weekly motivational column for the Vail Daily.

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