Vail Valley: Time to push back against Washington |

Vail Valley: Time to push back against Washington

Michael Kurz
Vail, CO, Colorado

There is some very strange stuff going down in the nation’s capital these days. Not exactly news, is it?

Nonetheless, the government is bailing out bad businesses, ostensibly, I guess, to save them from themselves.

They want to save us from the bad, expensive health care system they’ve created by creating a new, more expensive health care system. (Wait until you see the price tag on this baby!)

They want to us to pay through the nose to fix a mortgage banking system their oversight agencies broke.

They’re restricting the number of legal foreign workers who can come here, but they’re allowing a lot of illegal foreign workers to come here, soak up healthcare and social program funds and compete for jobs as our unemployment rate has risen past 8 percent. Ask the “Governator” how that’s working for him in California.

They’re talking about making it easier to organize unions (the mislabeled “Employee Free Choice Act”) while they’re spending billions bailing out automakers whose unions and onerous labor contracts are driving them under.

They’re telling companies not to engage in incentive travel or go to meetings anywhere nice, a policy that will cost even more jobs, many right here, while they vote to extend unemployment benefits to people not working now.

And they’re continuing the planning to increase taxes on middle class families ” a disincentive for those who have traditionally spread the wealth voluntarily the old-fashioned way, through consumption and investment.

As optimistic as I usually am, I’m now thinking that the financial Armageddon some are predicting just might happen. But, ironically, it won’t happen because of natural market conditions or a downturn in consumption. If it happens it will come to pass because the government is riding the “pale horse” roughshod right into our places of business. By the way, have you noticed that Wall Street indices only go up on days nobody from Washington issues a fiat on economic policy?

Folks, we’ve got to make them stop.

Already there are some encouraging signs of pushback, and not just from the loyal opposition. The moderate left is beginning to ask questions about how stem cell research and changing the Endangered Species Act will contribute to solving our economic problems. They’re also thinking now that they may not have the votes to pass the Employee Free Choice Act. On Tuesday last, the president even fired a shot across the bow of the mighty teachers union barge in an effort to boost chances for our kids to graduate from high school knowing how to read and write.

“Despite resources that are unmatched anywhere in the world, we have let our grades slip, our schools crumble, our teacher quality fall short, and other nations outpace us,” Obama said. Wow! That is news.

So yes, there is hope. For business owners here in the valley and for the rest of our families, homeowners and workers, I have two suggestions. Call somebody who represents you in the U. S. House or Senate and tell them to stop the insanity or you’ll give them their walking papers in the next election. If you don’t, we deserve the chaos.

Second, do your best to get your own economic house in order as fast as you can. If I’m wrong and this silliness continues, your wealth shortly will be redistributed according to someone else’s plans.

Events update

– March 18, 5-7 p.m., Business After Hours Mixer, the Marketplace on Meadow Drive, Vail Village. Partnership members only.

Michael Kurz is president and CEO of the Vail Valley Partnership.

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