Vail Valley Voices: A citizen’s recap of Eagle Town Board |

Vail Valley Voices: A citizen’s recap of Eagle Town Board

If you have ever relieved yourself outside The Brush Creek Saloon, you were part of the latest town of Eagle Town Board meeting. As with any liquor license renewal, there was a discussion of the infractions related to the liquor including outside urination and a recent infraction of over service. In the end, though, it was agreed that The Brush Creek was keeping things about as tame as you can expect and the owners understand what is at stake to keep their business, well, in business.

The school board transportation group says they understand how to keep students behaving on the bus and asked the town to help fund a program to reward students for good behavior. The board chose to table this for future review, so it was not clear how they felt about this request.

But it was clear the board felt the discussion was a bit long regarding dividing a lot on Chambers into four parcels. There was some good discussion, but unfortunately as has happened before with applicants and after approximately one hour, there was no resolution and the meeting had to be continued.

There was, however, a resolution (if I understood it correctly which is tricky with the issue of marijuana in Colorado) when the Town Board unanimously agreed to pass the ordinance that regulates a person’s constitutional right for growing at home for his or herself and if they are a caregiver. Given the time and effort it took to reach this point with this board, I think the meeting should have ended on the spot. But it did not.

Trustee Kostic led the argument against an expenditure for upgrading the website, saying any money spent toward this should be more than cosmetic and should be done in conjunction with the marketing campaign’s efforts. The website funding and other challenges facing the town would be a non-issue if only the third quarter sales tax numbers presented would be a lot larger. But even if the numbers were not overwhelming, Trustee Turnipseed actually saw positives in those same numbers.

Finally, the issue of opening or changing some of the winter trail closures was on the table for discussion again. But the mayor stated he felt the board had been gamed by the staff and the staff had not provided the information requested. And since nobody on the board was passionate about the issue, the discussion was not about the closures, but instead it was about the process and the official agreements which might prevent the town from being able to have any say towards changes to open space. It was agreed by all that the agreements should be reviewed so that if in the future the town wanted to discuss changing the policy, it was at least a possibility.

It was also agreed (and not the first time), that the town staff should use both sides of the paper for the meeting packets. To find out if the staff will prepare one- or two-sided documents and to start your 2011 out right, come to the next meeting on Tuesday, Jan.11, at 6 p.m.

Brandi Resa is an Eagle resident.

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