Vail Valley Voices: A GOP grade for Obama |

Vail Valley Voices: A GOP grade for Obama

Dick Gustafson
Vail, CO, Colorado

It has been a awhile since the last evaluation of the president’s performance. It is time for a new review.

Today, as I write, it was announced that millions more Americans are going to receive a penalty under Obamacare than originally projected. That rates a failing grade Mr. President, an F.

The report by the inspector general on the “Fast and Furious” gun-running operation, run by the Justice Department, reported that several key people in the Justice Department were negligent and were criticized for not responding to the issue soon enough resulting in the death of the border guard Brian Terry, along with some 300 Mexicans lives sacrificed in vain.

There are still 14,000 pages of documents on the subject being protected by the presidential privilege issued by Obama, which has been reported to be a violation of his presidential powers. Eric Holder was not implicated under the report, but the inspector general did not have access to the 14,000 documents, either.

House committee Chairman Issa intends to follow up with a contempt of Congress indictment of Eric Holder for withholding the documents in the first place. It could be assumed that the remaining document expose Holder, and maybe even the president, in their complicity in the “Fast and Furious” failure. That’s another F for the president.

The presidential order releasing the work requirement from the Welfare Act is being reviewed by Congress as a direct violation of the act passed by Congress and signed into law by President Clinton during his administration. The act specifically forbids any future, including present administrations from ever changing or modifying the act under any circumstances. That’s another F, Mr. President.

That the killing of our ambassador to Libya, plus three other Americans, was part of a spontaneous act by a violent mob was a blatant lie told by the ambassador to the United Nations, the spokesman for the president and even by the president himself.

Obama was highly critical of Gov. Romney for his quick, accurate evaluation of the situation. It was just another attempt to cover up the failure of the Obama administration and to hide the president’s incompetency in foreign relations.

Even the White House staff is now agreeing that the attack was a terrorist attack that happened before the violent mob ever reached the embassy. Four more Americans have paid the ultimate price for Obama’s incompetency. The report card grade is a resounding F.

It is interesting that Obama has attended only 31 percent of the president’s security briefings in the past six months. President Bush and most other presidents attended 100 percent, or nearly so, of the security briefings during their time in office. Just reading the report is not sufficient, Mr. President. Is that a double FF?

How many Israelis need to die before Obama agrees to place the “red line” requested by the Israeli prime minister? What does it take to get our president off the campaign trail, off of TV, and to stop the elaborate partying long enough to have an important meeting with the prime minister regarding the nuclear threat from Iran? It’s another F for failing to support an important and longstanding ally.

Just to recap our evaluation of the president’s performance: It appears to be a total failure.

In any other job the president would be fired for incompetency. I don’t know about your other grades in college, Mr. President, but in this job, golf and basketball don’t count.

Unlike your educational curriculum, the above grades can’t be hidden from the public. Maybe you should be fired from your current job, after all.

Dick Gustafson, of Vail, is a former Eagle County commissioner.

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