Vail Valley Voices: A letter to the president |

Vail Valley Voices: A letter to the president

Dick Gustafson
Vail, CO, Colorado

Dear Mr. Obama: The lack of security and the attempted cover-up by the your administration is yet another example of the lack of leadership in the White House. If your staff wants to complete the embarrassment, they should capture the terrorists and turn them over to Eric Holder, who would try them in New York under our constitutional law.

Mr. President, why did you send the FBI to investigate this attack on U.S citizens on U.S. property? Wouldn’t sending in the Marines be more appropriate for acts of war against the United States? Your action seems inappropriate after our embassy has had a number of prior threats and attacks. It seems to me that security should have been anticipated, not ignored or denied, on 9/11.

Also, why have you tolerate the two-week-plus delay while the scene was contaminated? Even the press was able to enter the compound.

You’ve been bragging and spiking the ball while appearing to claim that you, not the Seals, killed Osama bin Laden. Can you justify bragging about taking a life (even one as evil as bin Laden) while avoiding responsibility for protecting our Libyan ambassador and his American staff? You’re avoiding the truth about terrorists attacking us because it raises questions about terrorist attacks during your watch.

To add insult to injury, you paid millions of dollars for advertisements apologizing to Muslims for some stupid insignificant obscure “movie” that had been ignored until you made a fuss about it. The “movie” became an excuse to demonstrate against America. If not the movie, then it would have been something else.

When you campaigned on having the most transparent government of all time, you told a terminal logical inexactitude (a lie). That’s true with most of your promises. Do you ever intend to keep campaign promises or are they just for the gullible middle class votes? Maybe you’re just lazy.

If you had promised to be the best cover-up president, you could claim to have kept one promise. In addition to your botched cover-up of the Libyan murders, you have also covered up “Fast and Furious,” using executive privilege. You’ve also removed the work requirement from the welfare act with little fanfare.

Mr. President, your June 5, 2007, speech to an African-American congregation was disingenuous to the Katrina victims by saying they had not been covered by the Stafford Act. Your comments were false. Congress expanded the Stafford Act to cover Katrina’s damage. You misrepresented yourself, since you were one of the few senators who voted against the extension. Isn’t that hypocritical?

Do you believe that your actions, or inactions, make you look more presidential? Since you spend more time playing basketball and golf than you do at daily security updates, I’d say no.

When you compare yourself to President Lincoln, using his quotes and comparing your experiences to Lincoln’s trials and successes, that brings to mind Sen. Lloyd Bentsen’s rebuke of vice presidential candidate Dan Quayle.

I paraphrase: Mr. Obama, you’re no Abraham Lincoln, nor are you a Ronald Reagan or even a Bill Clinton. You act more like Nixon, during Watergate, or Carter, during the Iranian hostage taking. When you’re deceptive, make false campaign statements, or lie to hide the truth, it doesn’t make you a better candidate. It diminishes you.

This all seems to have inspired Vice President Joe Biden to attempt to make another gaff. He said: “Osama bin Laden is dead and General Motors is alive.” A more accurate slogan might be: “Osama bin Laden is dead. General Motors needs another transfusion of printed money or funds borrowed from China. And al Qaeda is alive and well.”

In conclusion, Mr. President, it’s time for you to honor our Constitution instead of bypassing it and also Congress with frequent executive orders. If we had a Supreme Court with a backbone, I believe both you and Eric Holder would be in Leavenworth.

Remember, the Constitution set up three equal levels of government — the legislative, the executive and the judicial — for one purpose: to balance the powers from activities such as you frequently do.

You often violate the checks and balance of powers. You should remember that you were elected to only one of the three branches, the executive branch, as the president. You, Mr. Obama, were not elected King.


Dick Gustafson

Dick Gustafson, of Vail, is a former two-term Eagle County commissioner.

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