Vail Valley Voices: Citizens favor conservation |

Vail Valley Voices: Citizens favor conservation

Jason Denhart
Vail, CO, Colorado

A recent statewide poll conducted by Colorado College shows overwhelming support throughout Colorado for open space and environmental conservation.

Sixty-seven percent of Coloradans identify themselves as conservationists. Seventy-eight percent said that the state can conserve and protect our land and water while having a strong economy at the same time. Ninety-three percent agreed that “our national parks, forests, monuments and wildlife areas are an essential part of Colorado’s economy.” Seventy-five percent of registered voters say that Colorado should maintain protections for land, air and water in our state, instead of reducing them in an effort to create jobs as quickly as possible.

Sixty-three percent of voters in our state view environmental laws as “important safeguards to protect private property owners, public health and taxpayers from toxic pollution and costly cleanups,” while a mere 29 percent see them as “burdensome regulations that tie up industry in red tape, hurt them too much financially and cost jobs.”

Only 34 percent said that “one of the best ways to create jobs is to cut back environmental regulations that are weighing down Colorado’s businesses.”

Seventy-one percent of Colorado’s voters support the EPA “continuing to implement the Clean Air Act by updating the standards for air quality, including for smog, dust and emissions from power plants, factories and cars.”

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This poll – which had an equal number of Democrats, independents and Republicans – speaks loud and clear that the citizens of Colorado believe strongly in environmental conservation.

Colorado voters absolutely support local efforts to save our land and our water for our families, our kids, our economy and our future.

The Eagle Valley Land Trust is proud to stand side-by-side with the vast majority of Coloradans in our support of open space and conservation efforts. We wholeheartedly agree with Colorado voters that land and water conservation and the protection of our environment are important factors for a strong economy in our state.

Your local Land Trust has been saving land for the people of Eagle County for over 30 years, and we will continue to work with residents, neighbors, volunteers, local governments and private land owners to strengthen our economy and preserve the character of our community by conserving land.

We are proud to know that our environmental conservation work is supported by an overwhelming majority of Colorado voters, as evidenced by the Colorado College poll.

Thank you for supporting Colorado conservation!

Jason Denhart is the director of communications and development for the Eagle Valley Land Trust. For more information, visit or call 970-748-7654.

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