Vail Valley Voices column demonizes new president |

Vail Valley Voices column demonizes new president

Ron Hardy
Vail, CO, Colorado

What is the difference between intolerance and … ? Never mind. Mr. Branden seems to be auditioning for the job as Rush Limbaugh’s right-wing man (Valley Voices: “Difference between fear and hate). I get it. Your guy lost. You have a beef. You miss W.

How can this country continue to demonize the efforts of our new president who is not only a Harvard law graduate (no disrespect to President Bush, a Yale cheerleader), but a committed American whose has grown weary (as many have) of administrations past. Administrations that have refused to create or consider a dialogue with nations and leaders who they feel superiority over because they can’t seem to get a democratic theme going for themselves.

Are we so sure that we have not in the name of freedom, done things to others that would embarrass and defame the American people? Katrina? Remember her? I do. Water boarding? Abu Ghraib? Perhaps our former vice president can explain that one to us someday.

In the past I, too, felt that our problems could and should be solved by covert and unspoken actions that my government deemed necessary. Especially after 9/11. I’m a former New Yorker. I don’t need to be reminded of my first trip to ground zero.

However as time went by and I lived through an administration that allowed the leader of the free world to say “nuke-u-lar” for eight whole years.

I realized how lucky I was to live in a generation that elected a man who possesses not only the skill set for political office, but one who has the compassion and cerebral capacity to reason and deduce the best possible course for our long-overdue national security and world standing.

I can never condone or endorse the atrocities the leaders of other nations commit. I also know for the last eight years we have amassed more ill will around the world that I can remember in my lifetime.

Can we change those that have done wrong? Probably not, but I know that we cannot continue to ignore the peace we all desire by silence and indifference.

Mr. Branden equates hate with Democrats and fear with Republicans. Really, Bob?

Obama was only elected because of hate for the last guy? Really, Bob?

Our children need a future where respect, choice and tolerance determine their choices, not Sean Hannity wannabes that promote, well, fear and hate.

Ron Hardy


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