Vail Valley Voices: Day to feed the hungry |

Vail Valley Voices: Day to feed the hungry

Graeme Sandlin
Vail, CO, Colorado

What could be more important than standing in line to purchase a chicken sandwich? For one group of people, the answer is feeding those who are hungry in our local communities.

I guess we all just felt like in the whole mess of news and politics lately that another group of people was being ignored. I looked around the Internet, saw that no one was driving for anything extra to help people who are truly in need and hungry, and so I knew that meant it was time for all of us at The Pummelo, a news satire website, to start up something that could help people more than standing in a long line for hours for lunch could.

What The Pummelo has started is a grassroots event called Feed a Hungry Family Day.

The premise of Feed a Hungry Family Day is for us to take the initiative as a community, whatever our community may be, to help out our neighbors who might not have a quality meal. It’s one thing to go spend five bucks on a hamburger or something. It’s another thing to donate five bucks so as many as 15 people can have a meal.

Hunger doesn’t discriminate, so we shouldn’t, either.

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The only agenda that we have with Feed a Hungry Family Day is about making sure those who are hungry get a chance to get fed. To use Chick-fil-A Day as an example, if $4 million was spent to buy lunches for people, that equates to 800,000 people getting a meal. A similar donation to local food banks could potentially help feed 12 million people.

It’s not about how much you give. We’re asking people for a target donation of $5, but that’s just a target amount. Whether you donate $1, $5, $50 or just a couple of cans of food to your local food bank or charitable organization, you’re making a difference against hunger, and that’s what matters. We don’t want to know how much you gave to your local food bank – we just want you to give with a cheerful heart because it’s the right thing to do.

You can join Feed a Hungry Family Day by simply joining The Pummelo’s Facebook event today here:

events/-410422949014361/ and then donating whatever you feel comfortable donating to a local food bank or food distribution network in your local community.

There are links available on the event page for people to find a local food bank near their home.

It’s 2012, and if you ask me, there’s no reason why any family, why anyone, should have to go hungry. This may just be one day, but if we come together as a community in each community in our county, state and nation, we can make a huge impact that will help hungry families for many more days to come.

The Pummelo launched in 2010 and currently has five people, including former Eagle Valley Enterprise staff writer James Blatter, working on the site in four states – Washington, Colorado, Wyoming, Texas and Ohio. The Pummelo publishes daily and takes a satirical look at the news of the day and provides relevant social commentary and opinion, along with some fiction. The site can be found at

Graeme Sandlin is the editor and administrator of the satire news website The Pummelo.

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