Vail Valley Voices: Don’t like what I see in President Obama |

Vail Valley Voices: Don’t like what I see in President Obama

Dick Gustafson
Vail, CO, Colorado

It’s time to evaluate the president’s performance and review his accomplished in the past four-plus years.

“Fast and furious”: Has there been any restitution for the death of Brian Terry? Has there been any punishment or retribution for any one in the Justice Department? Do we even know who was responsible for developing and monitoring such a program?

The answer is no on all three questions.

Has Obama done anything to stop the production of nuclear weapons in North Korea or Iran? Has negotiating the problem been successful?

There has been lots of talk but no resolution or any successful action.

Benghazi is another Obama coverup. Where was Obama when the terrorists were killing Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans? The secretary of defense said he had little or no contact with the President during the siege. Why did he leave Washington in such a hurry, the next morning?

Why did he lie about Benghazi to the United Nations several days later? Why did he sacrifice U.N. Ambassador Rice with phony talking points to the Sunday talk show hosts?

Maybe it’s because he’s lacking real leadership skills. Running away from the issue or ignoring that the problem exists is a sure indicator that Obama, and the uninformed voters, are the only ones who believe that he has leadership skills.

Why won’t Obama come clean about sequestration being his idea?

Why was he scaring people, using backdrops of firefighters and teachers who are actually paid for by local taxes, not federal taxes? Sequestration is the term for this conflict.

Instead of Obama staying in Washington and negotiating with Congress to solve the problem, he travels around the country campaigning and blaming the Republicans for not agreeing with his plan, or lack of one.

He defines his facts to cover up the truth about another presidential screw up. It’s another sign of lack of leadership.

Instead of staying and working in the White House for a solution, Obama went on another vacation. It is a waste for taxpayer money to fly on Air Force One for a golf game with Tiger Woods, or anyone else.

This activity even angered the White House’s biased press corps when he excluded them. So much for having transparency. Isn’t it amazing that that golf lesson was the most newsworthy story to print?

Why didn’t the president produce a budget for over four years? By the way, law that the president submit one to Congress every year requires it.

Obviously, Obama avoided the budget because if he submitted one to Congress, the representatives could justify their proposed spending cuts by looking for fat in the budget.

Why has Obama not dealt with the civil war in Syria? Is it because he is afraid he may end up supporting the wrong side? Why was he so active behind the scenes in Libya and yet he seems to be afraid of Syria? I’m sure he is not comfortable making the same mistake twice. What bold leadership qualities our president has.

Why does the Obama administration threaten those who criticize his actions? Bob Woodward and Lanny Davis are just two in the news, and others are beginning to tell stories about how they were also threatened by the White House staff. Does our great fearless leader have a thin skin and a hit list?

What is Obama doing to control North Korea’s nuclear threat? Will we ever do anything to control the potential proliferation of nuclear weapons? Reducing our stockpile of nuclear weapons is not the answer.

Why hasn’t Obama tried to free Dr. Afridi from the Pakistan’s prison? If it hadn’t been for this doctor, Obama couldn’t brag about he killing Osama bin Laden. You’d think that Obama would want to free Dr. Afridi to praise him. Is

Here are other questions that I haven’t the time to discuss here:

What has Obama done to secure the border? Who gave the order to let out hundreds of illegal criminal from prisons just before the budget crisis decision?

Why is our aircraft carrier sitting in the New York harbor instead of being on duty in the Persian Gulf?

What is Obama’s motive in pushing for gun control and challenging the Second Amendment to the Constitution?

Why did Obama make up results about the sequestration when the budget cuts are about 2 percent of the total budget (and only a small part of the annual increase)?

There is a common thread running through the president’s behavior. When Obamas sees a situation that makes him look good, he jumps on it. When a situation is not positive, he denies its existence, ignores it, or he lies about the facts to make himself look good.

The uninformed voter believes these fabrications. Mr. President, lead, follow, or get out of the way.

Dick Gustafson is a former two-term Eagle County commissioner.

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