Vail Valley Voices: Eagle leaders should guide discussion about development |

Vail Valley Voices: Eagle leaders should guide discussion about development

I normally write about town of Eagle trustee meetings, but I will include the Red Development focus group meetings because their new sketch plan included the town of Eagle logo.

And besides, I believe the meetings are a great reflection of our town’s intentions in which I am sure Claudia Alexander and James Van Beek wish they lived. I say that because if they had run for office in the town of Eagle instead of the county, they could be hopeful there would be another vote in the near future as the majority voice of the voters does not seem to matter in our town.

Less than a year ago, the voters of Eagle said no to a project proposed east of town that does not seem largely different (although it does seem very large) than the new sketch plan. Yes, the vote was close, but this seems consistent with how it goes given both the local and national results of the Nov. 2 election.

And yes, the Eagle Area Community Plan calls for large-scale development east of town. But does the Eagle Area Community Plan indicate that we as a town should develop that land based on the desires of a developer who want to recoup $19 million?

Given the timing of the focus group meetings, which are at the beginning of the holiday season, and their statement at Thursday’s meeting that they think they will be back in January, who is deciding the future of Eagle?

It clearly is not the voters who spoke last January. It clearly is not the town staff or the trustees, who have not made efforts in bringing the community together to generate some ideas. It has been said that no ideas have been presented during the 10 months since the vote. This is simply not true. The people of Eagle are very capable and have some great ideas but no format to present those ideas.

At least I do not consider a format to present ideas to be a meeting hosted by a developer asking about our priorities. If the town really wanted to generate ideas and have public participation, they would be hosting these meetings without a developer anywhere in the discussion.

Our future in Eagle may or may not include a large big box project east of town. But it should be the leaders of our town leading this discussion with the citizens, not the developers. Yes to Eagle!

Brandi Resa is an Eagle resident.

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