Vail Valley Voices: Eagle Town Board at work |

Vail Valley Voices: Eagle Town Board at work

Brandi ResaVail, CO, Colorado

As usual, the latest Eagle Town Board meeting started out with approval of the meeting minutes and public comment. Public comment included support of my personal efforts and concern over the proposed code of conduct being able to be upheld against challenges since sanctions were not clear and in one’s opinion, it did seem to put a restriction on freedom of speech. The Haymeadow file once again made an appearance with a continuation of the annexation file to October 2013. The bill schedule for November 2012 was approved before budget ordinances and resolutions were approved. The re-appropriating funds for the 2012 budget year, setting the 2013 mill levy for the 2013 budget, and amending the schedule of water rates were approved without much discussion, all 7-0. The 2013 budget was approved 6-1 with me dissenting. The vote for setting compensation for the town officers was approved 7-0 with a comment by me for the need for reviews by the board to understand expectations of compensation.The agenda was switched up a bit as next in line turned out to be the town’s marketing coordinator presenting the Marketing and Events Advisory Committee’s recommendation for funding toward three promoters, events, seed money. These organizers included the TransRockies USLP (multi-day event), Tumbleweed Productions (Honky Tonk @ Eagle), and Elgee Enterprises (Cult Cross). All three events were funded as recommended.Several chairs were filled for the code of conduct discussion, which was a lengthy topic. It was yet another tough discussion for this current board, although in the end, it seemed everyone agreed in moving forward the proposal with some changes. It was not approved officially because of the lateness of the hour, but it should be voted on at the next hearing after changes are made. Since there are a lot of great things happening in Eagle (the mayor presented 28 items!), a discussion was had to revitalize the “Around Town” piece that appeared in the Eagle Valley Enterprise. This is one way the board would like to get out information to the community on all the positives of Eagle.The town of Gypsum created the next item on the agenda, the B&B Excavating application they have received, for comments from our board. Staff provided a good recommendation to be passed along to our neighbors to the west.The manager’s item included the need to replace the town water attorney because attorney Sherry Caloia won a tight 9th District Attorney’s race. The board deferred to staff on this issue, since they work closely with the attorney on a more regular basis and over the years, has garnered strong water rights on behalf of the community.Open discussion and future agenda items were light but did include a comment about the annual town employee potluck luncheon. Not only was the food scrumptious, but the thank you comments from some staff to the board members who attended in not cutting positions or benefits for 2013 were appreciated by those who received this feedback.After a nice long break, the Town Board will be back at it on Tuesday, Jan. 8,starting at 6 p.m. Or if you want to find out how this trustee will continue her adventure, consider checking out my personal blog at or email me at Brandi Resa is a member of the Eagle Town Board. Her columns do not reflect the views of other board members.

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