Vail Valley Voices: Eagle Town Board draws agood crowd, reports rise in sales tax revenue |

Vail Valley Voices: Eagle Town Board draws agood crowd, reports rise in sales tax revenue

Brandi Resa
Vail. CO, Colorado

On a rainy Tuesday night for the latest Eagle Town Board meeting, Town Hall had a decent number of citizens show interest in their community.

Jill Ryan, an Eagle County commissioner candidate ( started off public comment introducing herself to the board.

One concerned citizen had video of a “river” running through several front yards in Eagle Ranch, including Trustee Turnipseed’s, and asked the town to offer some help in looking at solutions to stop the expensive damage this was causing to the homeowners’ yards.

Two other members of the public asked the town to remember how important hunting is to our local economy and to be proactive on making sure the trend of decreased hunting visits does not continue.

And with the marketing update presented by the marketing coordinator, Meg Stepanek, there were requests that the town not focus only on mountain biking.

Trustee Joe Knabel gave an informative update on the Eagle County Regional Transportation Authority after Eagle County presented their excitement over the signed agreement for the land where the Castle Peak Senior Care Center will be located in Eagle.

Next up was the continued sketch plan review (density, use, location) of the Haymeadow project, including financial information, along with the discussion on a potable vs. nonpotable water system for irrigation. For the first time that I remember, there was no public comment for this file, which allowed the evening to stay on target related to the times placed on the agenda.

It got a bit off track with the next topic of licensing for medical marijuana centers, as there was no consensus on how many centers there should be in the community. Part of this debate was a result of trying to understand the January 2012 vote and whether the results show that only one center is wanted because of the grandfather language on the ballot.

Unfortunately with the mayor absent, this topic and others stalled a bit because with an even number of trustees, the ties couldn’t be broken.

The sales tax report was presented and it was great to see the number positive with an overall increase for the first quarter 2012 of 5.6 percent. It was also great to hear a thank you to Gypsum for the invite to Gypsum Daze, as well as a thank you for the work done at the board retreat, where some good things happened.

A few future agenda items were discussed and a bit of celebration happened when the meeting adjourned before 10 p.m.

If you want to see if the next meeting stays on schedule, plan on being at Town hall on Tuesday, Aug. 14, starting at 6 p.m.

See ya’ll at Town Hall!

Brandi Resa is an Eagle trustee and blogs about her experience in politics at Her opinions are her own.

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