Vail Valley Voices: ERS issue packs Town Board one more time |

Vail Valley Voices: ERS issue packs Town Board one more time

Brandi Resa
Vail, CO, Colorado

Although I would like to think the high attendance at the first three hearings for the new Eagle Board of Trustees will continue, I doubt it does so after the Eagle River Station referendum.

The latest meeting once again included a packed house full of signs and proponents of the project, along with comments from a City Market representative who from my perspective made it clear they are staying in Eagle.

It wasn’t clear to everyone why ERS is still being discussed, as it is was never an open file for this board, but it seems the new mayor handled things as well as could be expected.

There is certainly passion in Eagle and the leadership of the town needs to find a way to harness that after the vote, because even if ERS passes, there are still five other business districts in town and the project will not dig ground the next day.

And if it does or does not pass, we still need to look for ways to grow and develop.

Once the ERS dust settled, many exited Town Hall, but a few stayed on for the land use hearing that was up next. All of the topics planned were not discussed because of the lateness of the hour, but several in the public stayed to provide comment.

After that hearing closed, the West Eagle sub plan was approved with a 4-3 vote and the 6th Street electrical line project was denied unanimously without discussion. The bills were paid after a few comments from the town manager.

Unfortunately, the attorney’s work session to discuss the role of trustees with respect to quasi-judicial hearings, conflicts of interest, and public meetings was continued yet again until the May 29 work session. At least two on the board said no more continuances of this very important topic.

The next regular meeting is not scheduled until June 12. By then, the ERS results will be in, people can begin speaking to their neighbors again, and the leadership can start to move forward.

And hopefully, people can still make time to come visit Town Hall on the second and fourth Tuesday of the month.

See ya’ll at Town Hall!

Brandi Resa is an Eagle Trustee. Her comments are her own and do not reflect official Town Board positions. You can reach her at or check out her blog at

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