Vail Valley Voices: Events to zoos for Eagle Board |

Vail Valley Voices: Events to zoos for Eagle Board

Brandi Resa
Vail, CO, Colorado

Another second Tuesday found the Eagle Board of Trustees back at Town Hall.

Public comment now starts things out, and on this night there were two items: The Greater Eagle Fire Protection District had a $500 request for their outreach event to be held at the Brush Creek Pavilion on May 18, and the Eagle Chamber presented the mayor a proclamation to read into the record for April 27, Eagle Cleanup Day.

A fairly new concept, the consent agenda, is being utilized each meeting. Two prior meeting minutes were approved, while a third item, the bill schedule, was pulled and then approved after a couple of questions. There were no questions on the three liquor licenses.

Approved with limited discussion were two events at the Brush Creek Pavilion: the Eagle River Youth Coalition Family Fair on May 19 and the Mountain Tots Preschool Do Over Prom on May 4, along with a renewal for one trustee’s favorite restaurant, El Pariente Tacos Y Mariscos.

The Eagle Farmers Market community request was again pushed to a future meeting, as were the goal-setting review and Wolcott planned unit development items after small discussion.

What was not delayed was the approval for the Haymeadow Trail, which will be used for the Colorado High School Cycling League State Championship coming to Eagle on Oct. 19-20.

Evident from the applause, there were several in the room excited about this 6-1 approval of the $60,000 open space funds needed for the approximate six miles of trail located on private land that will require a contract with the landowner.

The town engineer provided an update on some possible funding opportunities for projects and received direction from the board to proceed as staff feels appropriate.

Because of a question, there was a brief update on the Eby Creek Road construction but a more detailed update will be provided at a future meeting when listed as an agenda item.

Staff provided an informative document, a list of special use permits from 2007-13, which generated quite some discussion. This topic will also be a future agenda item to get into more specific questions on certain files.

On this evening, the Eagle Auto Sales special use permit was on the agenda and discussed in detail because of a citizen concern.

There was direction given to staff for the manager item, water bond financing, and a late addition to the agenda, a presentation and options for valuations pertaining to building permits. Trustee Knabel did quite some work on this to add another avenue to show that the town of Eagle is open for business.

No decisions were made on this issue, but therewas general support to consider the options with more understanding of what staff process changes would be needed to accommodate the changes.

Future agenda and discussion items were light and included a question on the town’s photo contest (check it out at; an empty, boarded-up building on Broadway; a water billing issue sent in by a community member; follow up on the improvements for the river takeout area by the Eagle Information Center; a request to understand results of the events funded by the lodging tax; the High Altitude Aviation Training Site project tour; and the mayor’s pledge to give young Tanner Manzanares an update on the town’s process related to his zoo proposal.

If you want to bring a zoo to Eagle, consider getting an inside track to do so by running for one of the three seats up for grabs in April 2014.

Or if you are just curious as to how things work in your local government, come to the next meeting on Tuesday, April 23, at 6 p.m. or check out my personal adventure of serving at

See ya’ll at Town Hall!

Trustee Brandi Resa’s views in this column are her own, not the full board’s.

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