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Vail Valley Voices: Fair icon: the 4-H auction

Kathy Calton
Vail, CO, Colorado

Please show your support to so many local kids!

It is that time of year again: The Eagle County Fair and Rodeo is back. All members of 4-H are encouraged to participate in the county fair, which is always at the end of July. It is an opportunity that allows the kids and even other community members to show their projects and their


If you have not made it to the Eagle County Fair, you are missing out.

I would like to personally invite all of you to the Junior Livestock Auction on Saturday at the Eagle River Event Center in Eagle. There is a barbecue luncheon for all potential buyers and their families at noon, with the viewing of all the animals. The auction starts at 1:30 p.m.

This is a great opportunity to support the kids in our community. They have spent their summer raising these animals with love. Many of these children are saving their earnings for their college funds.

Last year, the community rose to the occasion and made many children’s dreams come true. We had past members of 4-H who bought several of the grand champions.

We had buyers return the items back to the kids, and they resold them to help raise money for a fellow 4-H member who was battling cancer.

We had a young lady give her animal to her brother because his died. It was going to be his last opportunity to put money toward his college funds.

The lessons that these children learn from 4-H and the time that they spend with their animals is amazing, and many carry these lessons over to help make them successful citizens.

If you are not familiar with Junior Livestock, it is an entity of 4-H, and this is made up of a volunteer board that helps to facilitate the sale.

At the sale, the kids have an opportunity to showcase their hard work and to sell their animals. They compete in Showmanship, and their animals compete for Grand Champion.

The kids show an amazing sense of sportsmanship with each other. There is a certain level of competition between the kids and even between siblings, but after the show is over, there is a lot of fun happening with them all.

The buyers come from all over the county, as well as many from other counties nearby. It is a great way to show the support to the kids, as well as acquire some incredible tasting meat.

The kids raise these animals with love and compassion. The animals are locally grown and typically have little or no hormones. It is hard to certify them as organic, as the process is hard to follow and expensive, especially based on the fact that these are individual families and kids raising the animals. But I have to tell you that once you experience 4-H meat, you will notice a clean taste to it, and you won’t want to go back to any other meat.

Again, I hope that you all can come support the kids, show what a fabulous community we live in and help to celebrate this amazing event with the kids who work so hard!

Kathy Calton is an Eagle resident.

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