Vail Valley Voices: Had enough of Obama yet? |

Vail Valley Voices: Had enough of Obama yet?

Dick Gustafson
Vail, CO, Colorado

United Nations: At Obama’s nuclear summit in Washington, the discussion includes possible sanctions against Iran for allegedly developing nuclear weapons.

The president hopes to protect us from terrorists who are set on obtaining weapons of mass destruction, a noble goal.

The only effective sanction, however, that the United Nations can create is to control the flow of gasoline into Iran. The chance that Russia and China will support that sanction is none. The U.N. continues to be impudent, as it has been for more than 40 years.

The heads of state of our best allies, Great Britain and Israel, did not attend the meeting. Neither did Australia or Saudi Arabia. Why not? Could it be that our president is so busy placating and apologizing to our enemies for our “bad” behavior? He also dictates to and offends our friends. Maybe they feel it’s a waste of time.

While this is going on, President Obama is systematically and unilaterally disarming the United States. Is he capable of understanding that you don’t negotiate with people who want to kill you?

Iran supplies money and arms directly to al-Qaida, and indirectly to Hamas and Hezbollah through Syria and Yemen. When the swamp is full of alligators, your first job is to drain the swamp. You eliminate the source of the problem: Iran.

Health care: Now that the bill has been passed, by the Democrats, the people of the United States are increasingly unhappy with the result. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said we should “pass the bill so we can know what’s in it.” She was right about that. The more we learn, the less we like it. A deeper look shows that increased costs, in taxes and freedoms, start now. However, there are no benefits until 2014, if then.

A doctor shortage of more than 1,000 is projected and growing while the bill adds more than 30 million patients. There’s money to hire more IRS agents to enforce compliance penalties, however.

Medicare is being cut by approximately $500 billion while taxes increase by more to support the new entitlement (welfare) bureaucracy.

Apparently, Congress has to give up its own golden health care program and to accept the same crummy health care it passed for us. How ironic. Just another consequence of rushing though bills its members haven’t read.

The economy: It now appears that we are on the same course as Greece – bankruptcy. Under Obama’s multiple-trillion-dollar budgets, our economy will be borrowing money just to pay the interest on our debt. The U.S. is broke and broken. But Newsweek magazine says all is well again. You want to be prepared just in case it’s wrong. This recession may never end under this president.

The Constitution: There are so many violations of our Constitution that our democratic republic may no longer exist. There are too many to list here.

Amnesty for illegals: Here is another case of attacking the wrong problem. The correct one is: secure the borders, and fine the companies that hire illegals.

Government control:

• Obama’s goal is to socialize everyone under union control. Isn’t that what happened to General Motors and Chrysler? Ford is the only company that told Obama to stick it, and just compare their success.

• The government controls the banks, insurance companies and health care. What’s next?

• Pelosi, with Obama’s blessing, plans to institute “card check” and the “freedom doctrine” to silence all opposition. I think something like that happened in 1936. Wasn’t it in Germany?

Other events coming:

• Cap and trade (high taxation).

• Tax soft drinks and fast foods.

• “Value added” tax or a national sales tax in addition.

• What happens when everyone is tapped out? Who will pay for Obama’s programs when there are no assets left to tax?

• ACORN is planning a comeback under different names. Sewage and corruption by any other name … still stinks.

Sarah Palin said, “How’s this hope and change working out for ya?”

Well? How is it? Have you lost your job, your home or your car yet? Maybe all? Did you lose your investments and/or your 401(k)? How’s your health insurance?

I know someone whose insurance company just closed its doors. Maybe your health-insurance company will go broke, too.

Do you want the IRS controlling your choices about buying health insurance? Do you want to pay a penalty to the IRS for not buying insurance that you can’t afford because you don’t have the income to pay the premium? Congress should have instituted tort reform, required insurance companies to sell in all states, created tax incentives for companies and then gotten out of the way.

Let’s stop this Obama change before it destroys any chance for hope. It’s time to control government, not let government control us. Congress under Pelosi and Reed is out of control with spending and taxes.

Neither you nor the government can spend to get out of debt. It’s time to elect only those who understand economics, the Constitution and representative form of government regardless of party affiliation.

That includes the president, congressmen, senators, governors, state legislators, commissioners, councilmen and school-board members.

Dick Gustafson, of Vail, is a former Eagle County commissioner.

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