Vail Valley Voices: Have the billionaires help with stimulus |

Vail Valley Voices: Have the billionaires help with stimulus

Theresa Cummings
Vail, CO, Colorado

I’m not one to get involved in politics. I find it takes too much energy to study issues thoroughly enough to make an intelligent comment, and we only have so much energy in life!

However, I’ve been intrigued by the recent turn of events in our nation. That said, my comments are from a very simplistic point of view, but perhaps such thinking is what we need!

Although I didn’t vote this past election and have typically seen myself as a liberal Republican, I’ve taken a liking to our new President Obama. Young, innocent and idealistic, he has certainly generated hope for countless Americans. And God knows we need hope!

Thrown into rescuing our nation from financial collapse, the plan to move swiftly and effectively is an unprecedented task for a new president.

As my curiosity has led me to listen to the various commentaries on this stimulus-package initiative, I feel it has the earmarks of emergency measures that tend to create a “Band-Aid” solution rather than surgery on the deepest wounds of our illness.

Moving too swiftly doesn’t grant enough time to thoroughly examine and prepare for long-term solutions. Our economic woes are deeper issues of greed, conspiracy and a lust for wealth and pleasure to the detriment of those who are vulnerable.

However, I’ll be the first to admit I don’t have a clue regarding how we can resolve the deeper issues.

Nonetheless, I have some candid thoughts about how we can buy our leaders more time to bang out a comprehensive stimulus package.

In reality, there is plenty of money in the hands of many Americans, and the money has been acquired through the privilege of living in this prosperous nation.

Just look at the Forbes list of the 400 richest Americans. All 400 are billionaires ” not millionaires, but billionaires. Couldn’t the president have just met with these 400 billionaires and asked them to help our nation instead of burdening our generation and our children with a debt to the Federal Reserve? Well, too late for that plan of action.

As most of us know, the positive effects of this package won’t be felt for the better part of this year, if before we hit 2010. So how about these billionaires get together and contribute enough money to send every American older than 21 making less that $250,000 a year a check in the amount of $100,000? Nothing would more quickly stimulate this economy! Home purchases, auto purchases, new business development, vacations, retail sales, college enrollment, etc., would soar!

Looking at the U.S. Census Bureau Population Web site, we have roughly 302 billion citizens. It appears that approximately 80 million are under the age of 21. Even with the current Wall Street crisis, one out of 50 households reportedly make $250,000 per year. Well, since there are 111 billion households … you do the math because my brain is starting to hurt! Regardless, I think you get my point!

As I’ve been thinking about this, another Vail resident told me that on Jon Stewarts’ “The Daily Show,” Stewart suggested a similar plan.

Want to stimulate the economy? Get money into the hands of Americans, and they’ll get things going! I guess great minds think alike. Maybe someone can get this article into the hands of those billionaires. Frankly, I’d settle for a mere 10 percent. I would do a lot to stimulate the economy if someone would give me just $10,000.

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