Vail Valley Voices: Haymeadow deliberations loom |

Vail Valley Voices: Haymeadow deliberations loom

Brandi Resa
Vail, CO, Colorado

At the latest Eagle Board of Trustee meeting, there was a full board present. This was important given the final public comment and review of the staff conditions on the Haymeadow sketch plan proposal.

Deliberations were set to begin, as well, if time permitted, which seemed possible given the light agenda. Public comment started off things. Roxie Deane, former mayor and Town Board member, requested and received approval for $2,500 on behalf of the Eagle Valley High School Foundation for replacing the trophy cases at Eagle Valley High School.

Scott Turner, http://www.scott, then introduced himself as a candidate for district attorney. After public comment, the Town Board, acting as the liquor licensing authority in Eagle, approved the Eagle Diner’s license after a few questions about the process and paperwork provided on this particular file.

Next up was a discussion about the travel management plan. This topic was brought up as a result of the controversial Hernage Trail proposal recent denial at the Planning and Zoning Commission level. There was no item to be voted on, but instead, it was approximately a 45-minute discussion on updating the plan, allowing the Board of Trustees to have final say in such decisions, and working with the Planning and Zoning Commission to ensure everyone is on the same page regarding the overall stated goal of the town related to recreation tourism.

Staff was provided direction, and this topic should be revisited in the future, sooner rather than later, if Mayor Kostick and Trustee Turnipseed have their preference.

The lower basin wastewater treatment plant special use permit had been advertised, so that file needed to be opened and continued as the discussion was pushed to a future meeting as noted on the agenda.

The Haymeadow file started off with public comment and ended without the board starting deliberations, but the 50 staff conditions were reviewed and amended. At the next hearing, deliberations should begin on the sketch plan proposal of 979 homes located near the ice rink.

Open discussion was light, but budget work session dates were set, and the board received a draft of the 2013 budget. If you want to hear the Haymeadow deliberations or find out what else is happening with your tax dollars in Eagle, come to the next meeting on Tuesday, starting at 6 p.m. at 200 Broadway. Or if you want to follow my personal adventures of being a trustee, check out my blog at

See ya’ll at Town Hall!

Brandi Resa is a member of the Town Board. Her opinions do not necessarily reflect the views of the rest of the board.

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